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The billboards around Branson are right. Thou shall not miss seeing Moses! at the Sight & Sound Theatre. Just when I thought reading the account of the life of Moses couldn’t get any better, it did. This is a show you won’t want to miss.


The Sight & Sound Theatres in Branson, Mo. and Lancaster, Pa. are known for bringing classic Biblical stories to life. The theater incorporates well-written stories, live music, huge amazing sets, live animals and special effects in a state-of-the-art stage facility. The high-tech theatre is huge with massive screens, 3D imaging and laser which make scenes that include miracles come to life.

The story of Moses, as told in the books of Exodus through Deuteronomy is one of the most popular in the Old Testament. Throughout the story, Moses’ personality and character are transformed and shaped into the leader God intended him to be.

The show starts with a moving account of Moses and his mother. Seeking to save his life, she places him into a basket which floats down the Nile River – right through the center aisle of the theatre.

The story shows the plight of the enslaved Hebrews. The special effects during the scene depicting the plagues was so impressive it was hard to tell what was real from the images displayed on the screens. The miraculous turning of Moses’ staff into a serpent was amazing. The Passover scene allowed us to peek into the windows of Israelites’ homes with blood stained doors.

I got goose bumps listening to God speak to Moses through the burning bush. Feeling the cold wind on my face at the parting of the Red Sea made me feel like I was right there at the edge of the sea. The finale incorporated the writing of the 10 Commandments with an explanation that Jesus is our true Deliverer.

While the story is taken from the Old Testament, we were warned there would be some creative license taken. I did not find that this distracted from the true story. There was a brief gospel presentation and offer to pray with a member of the prayer team. The show is appropriate for all ages. It will give you a new appreciation for God as Deliverer of His people and Deliverer of our souls.