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  1. Takeaway from Golden State-Thunder matchup #1

While it’s still fresh on my mind, I wanted to share what I took from the Oklahoma City Thunder’s first game of the season against Golden State. Keep in mind, the Thunder and the Warriors will face each other three more times this season, with the next meeting also happening in Oakland. None of these games will be pretty.

Nobody is surprised Golden State won. Nobody should be surprised how easily they won. The most disappointing aspect to the game is how much poor character was displayed by different players on both teams.

The tenseness everybody feels after Kevin Durant decided to play for Golden State is understood, but there needs to be an element of maturity demonstrated. I felt like I was watching an episode of the Jerry Springer Show.

I’m not going to point out all of the classless moments in the game. There’s plenty of other social media sources that can offer a complete rundown.

Instead, I will applaud the only good character moment that I saw. When the chirping between Durant and Thunder backup center Enes Kanter happened, Steven Adams, who was sitting near Kanter on the Thunder bench, patted Kanter’s knee in an attempt to get his teammate to stop the trash talking. Your effort was noted, Big Kiwi.

Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you… If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them… But love your enemies, do what is good…” (Luke 6:28-35). This was in my Scripture reading this week. I’m glad God had me recall it.

  1. Much zeal for Zobrist

I’m so happy for Ben Zobrist. The Cubs’ leftfielder came up with the winning hit in Game 7 of the World Series and was named World Series MVP.

My appreciation for Zobrist originated last year, when he was a major contributor to the Kansas City Royals, my favorite baseball team, winning the World Series. A versatile player, he started at second base for the Royals, but there’s more to his story that can be appreciated.

Growing up a preacher’s kid, Zobrist has demonstrated his Christian faith throughout his professional baseball career. The Baptist Messenger featured an article sharing how Zobrist is considered a “missionary in a very difficult field of professional sports.”

Other stories on Zobrist have been posted since the Cubs claimed their long-awaited World Series crown. An online piece reported how Zobrist shared “We all need Christ.”

I read another neat story about Zobrist signing autographs in his neighborhood yesterday, meeting every neighbor and talking to them one-on-one. This was immediately after returning from Cleveland and having no sleep.

Congratulations Ben Zobrist, the whole Chicago Cubs team and Cubbie fans everywhere!

  1. Local police officer gets national attention

Jordan Jones used to work on the maintenance crew at the Baptist Building (office building of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma). I remember seeing him once in awhile when I was working with Baptist Village Communities, more than four years ago.

Now he is a police officer in Blanchard and has been heralded for saving a woman’s life. The Baptist Messenger website gives details of Jones reviving Tina Costello on the side of a road. The story made national news on ABC.

Jones is the son of Kenny and Pat Jones, both currently work at Baptist Building, and he is a member of Chisolm Heights Baptist Church in Mustang.

  1. Fun research on BGCO Annual Meeting historic moments

The BGCO Annual Meeting is in a couple of weeks, and next week’s Messenger will feature 10 exciting things that will happen at this year’s event, drawing Oklahoma Baptists across the state. I had the privilege of writing about five historic moments of the Annual Meeting, which also will be featured in next week’s edition.

I confess, I love everything about Oklahoma Baptists, especially our history. I’m fascinated by how our convention started and the involvement of many church leaders who contributed to different BGCO ministries through the years. The Baptist Messenger archive room has rows of filing cabinets filled with past photos and publications, and going through them this week to find content for my story was quite a treat.

Check out next week’s Messenger, and if you are able to attend, make plans to come to the BGCO Annual Meeting, Nov. 14-15 at Quail Springs Baptist Church in Oklahoma City.

  1. Concerned about supporting SQ792

In last week’s DHD, I shared my thoughts about voting “Yes” for State Question 790 in Oklahoma, which supports issues relating to religious liberty. This week, I wanted to address an issue involving State Question 792, which involves the sale of alcoholic beverages. You can get complete details about all state questions and other election issues here.

SQ792 allows more accessibility and convenience for alcohol to be sold and partaken. If SQ792 is passed, chilled beer and wine can be purchased, so anybody could drive to a liquor store and would be encouraged to start drinking while heading home — or wherever they might be heading.

The reason I bring attention to this scenario involves State Senator Clark Jolley who supports SQ792. Jolley also was the author of the Erin Swezey Act, which imposes stricter penalties for drunk drivers.

Sen. Jolley has done many great things, and those of whom I know and know him say positive things about him. But why would he support making DUI more susceptible, since he authored a great act that is a DUI deterrent?

On his Facebook page, Jolley said passing SQ792 would “encourage younger people to view Oklahoma favorably as a place to live and build a family.” My response would be passing SQ792 would encourage more drunk driving and increase the chance of losing family members.

  1. Please vote

Guess what? Election season is almost over! Four more days until we can move on and debate about other things.

It’s been a messy, divisive election year. But here’s my only plea to you: please vote. You will be surprised how God could use you in this simple civic observance.

Though you may have a low regard to this year’s presidential candidate selections, there are so many important things to consider at all government levels and the different branches. Did you know, in Oklahoma, you have a say about whether or not which current state judges can remain on the bench? And there are other aspects to consider when voting.

The next time a DHD will be written, our country will have a new leader. Between now and then, pray for God’s wisdom and for His will to be done.