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Four Reminders for Worship Team Members

Four Reminders for Worship Team Members

At the age of 12, God placed a passion on my heart for worship.

In these last 18 years, I have used that gift in a multitude of roles for my church, having learned that leading worship goes far beyond being able to play a guitar or sing.

As worship team members, we must not forget our first and greatest calling – to worship

Sounds so simple, but we so often get it wrong. In fact, it has nothing to do with us, and everything to do with the magnificence of God.

So listen up worship team members, below are four reminders I use to help keep my mind focused on what is above.

1. You are a worshipper

What makes us great worship leaders is that we are great worshippers. It wasn’t King David’s gift and talent that God was drawn to; it was his heart after God.

Never forget why you got into worship ministry. It was because you loved God, and you love to worship. We are worshippers before we are worship leaders.

2. Worship leading is the art of hospitality

When people are coming over to your house for dinner, you clean up, set the table and you get the mood right.

In the same way, worship leading is about creating an atmosphere in our churches that is warm, loving, and uplifting.

We’ve got to lead worship with that same heart. It’s not just about how we sound or what we say, it’s about having a genuine love for people.

3. The Holy Spirit does the convicting, not us

It’s not our job as worship team members to make people worship.

We’ve got to understand that it is the Holy Spirit that convicts hearts, and it’s our job to usher in His presence.

We still need to step out and be bold, but we have got to make sure we don’t get ahead of the Holy Spirit. The more we learn to follow His lead off the stage, the more we will be in His flow on the stage.

4. Have a quiet time each day

Remember, at the end of the day, we can only minister through our relationship with God.

If we are not in prayer and not in the Word, then what is the source of which we use to lead?

Our relationship with God has got to be at the top of list; it’s our lifeline. It enables us to live above our emotions and be filled with fresh fire and passion.

See, God isn’t impressed by our worship, He is impressed by the place our worship comes from.

True worship comes from the overflow of the heart, through trials and triumph, and through all that life brings.

Worship leaders aren’t made on stages, in front of crowds or under bright lights; they are made in the shadows, in the quiet, where no one is watching. It’s in this place that God turns the worshipper into a worship leader.

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Stephanie Boone
Stephanie Boone

Stephanie is a communications ministry assistant for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. She is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and currently serves on the worship team at Oakdale Baptist Church in Edmond. Whenever Stephanie isn’t cheering on the Sooners, she loves going to the gun range, scuba diving and spending time with her family.

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