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In the midst of name calling, slamming doors and yelling, my mom would remind me and my sisters that one day we would be best friends. Staring angrily at each other’s eyes while sticking our tongues out when mom turned her back, as if to say, “Yeah, right! As if!”

But guess what? Mom was right! My sisters are my best friends and I would do absolutely anything for each of them! (I have three!) We experienced life together; we were a part of each milestone in life together, and we can truly be ourselves with each other.

As I went to college, God saw fit to continue to surround me with amazing women. He placed a group of friends in my life whom, once again I got to share life with. We lived in the same sorority house for four years and spent countless hours talking, laughing, studying, watching that oh-so-drama-filled TV show, and did I mention, studying?!

Never again will I be able to live with my three sisters or my group of college friends. Never again will I be able to spend that much time with someone other than my children and husband.

As I sat and did my quiet time recently, God reminded me that my friendships were so close and meaningful with my sisters and friends because of all the time I spent with each one of them. Time talking with them, getting to know them, asking deep and meaningful questions, getting to know their personalities, what makes them tick, what is most important to them, what their pet peeves were.

In God’s sweet subtle way, He reminded me of the time He longs to spend with me.

How He waits during that allotted time we have together. Whether I show up or not, He is there waiting for me. My burning desire is to know Him more and more, but how can I do that if I don’t spend time in prayer and in the Word? If I want to know more about who He is, to know the deep things of His word, to ask meaningful questions that I long to have answers for, to know more of His personality, to know what makes Him tick, I must be willing to set aside some time! Time is what makes deep meaningful relationships.

How much time are you giving God? I know, I know, we are so busy! Trying to figure out how to give God time seems to be a problem. I’m being serious! I have a hard time trying to fit my quiet time in with Him every day! Other things seem to press in and the call of the urgent over shadows the call of the Patient One.

Yet, it’s not a problem for God to give us time. He waits for us every day.

As we rush around getting our to-do lists done, He waits. As we spend time with others, He waits. As we watch our favorite show, He waits. As we ……., He waits.

Let’s vow to not make Him wait anymore! Let’s answer His call, the God of the Universe who sent His son to die on a cross for you and for me, and spend time with Him today!

Father, forgive me for all the times I have made you wait. I long to know you more. I long to have a deeper relationship with you. Time seems to be my enemy most days. Help me to prioritize You first Lord and everything else will fall into place. Thank you for calling to me. Today, I answer Your call.