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Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone. As Americans look back on the hottest topics of what was, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on all of the enjoyable moments had.

One of my favorite things about Super Bowl Sunday is the opportunity for outreach outside of the church’s doors.

To be invited into someone’s home and eat their food as you gather around a sporting event is an excellent way to reach people from all walks of life who need the Lord. The road to reaching the lost isn’t always easy, but on Super Bowl Sunday, that’s my idea of fun and easy outreach!

It was a whirlwind of a game. For a little while, the game was uneventful and looked to be a blowout. This is when I was thankful to be in such great company. However, the game turned out to break records.

Spoiler Alert ** if you didn’t watch, don’t continue reading. The game was the first Super Bowl in the History of Super Bowls to go into overtime. The Patriots came back from what many thought was a sure-fire victory for the Falcons, and claimed their fifth Super Bowl victory.

That being said, I’m here to discuss the most enjoyable moments of the game, super bowl activities or what seems to be a crowd favorite this year — the halftime performance.

When I asked people my age, most replied that their favorite part of the Super Bowl was the halftime performance by Lady Gaga.

Most were pleasantly surprised by the overall cleanliness of her performance and the fact that she began the performance by singing patriotic songs. Personally, I was impressed that she was performing live rather than lip-syncing to a track.

My brother said it best, “Everyone expected shenanigans out of Lady Gaga, and she flipped the script on them, very well played, just like the game.” Let’s face it, Lady Gaga has a reputation of being extremely odd and sometimes inappropriate. There were still questionable lyrics in some of her songs, which she did do some editing due to it being a live television performance, but there was no nudity or stuff that makes for bad dreams.

While I as a Christian may not agree with most she stands for, I do respect Lady Gaga as a musician and performer and recognize the gift with which the Lord has blessed her.

Others said they enjoyed the commercials, per usual! Some claim to just watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, and I fear those people may have been a little disappointed this year with a few exceptions.

Buick had a commercial that got everyone at my watch party audibly laughing, as did a Skittles commercial. Most at my watch party were also intrigued by the Stranger Things 2 trailer as well. With the exception of a few, most of the commercials seemed to be void of political agendas, which was incredibly refreshing.

What did I enjoy most? I enjoyed getting together with people in my church family I love. The food that many had prepared was decadent, first because of the yumminess and the second because it’s not every day you can eat a bacon wrapped lil’ smokie with a brown sugar glaze. Can I get an amen?

I haven’t watched an NFL game all season, but if I had to pick a first and last, last night was the perfect one! The fact that the game turned out to be such a good one was another reason why most look back at the game, whether the team they were rooting for won or lost, can appreciate the efforts by both teams.

Overall, a good time was had by many. I do have friends who didn’t care about the game at all and went about their Sunday evening as usual, and I think that is perfectly fine, too. I do, however, feel bad for them missing out on the yummy treats that could have been.