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It’s been said that the Internet is the new Wild West. There’s rampant gambling, promotion of illicit alcohol and drugs, as well as widespread prostitution in the form of pornography.

Sadly, many young people are exposed to these dangers at a very early age. Many times the exposure happens under their parent’s roof, with their own parents paying for the digital devices that deliver the mayhem.

That is why Christian parents, now more than ever, must pay special attention to the devices that they and their children own. In fact, I highly recommend a content filter for every man, woman and child who surfs the Internet.

Two of the best content filters I have found are Covenant Eyes, which offers content filter and peer accountability, and the Qustudio App, which offers a content filter and powerful parental control options.

Jesus said, “What would it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” Inspired by our Master’s words, we can say, “What would it profit a person to gain the whole World Wide Web and lose his soul?” Likewise, the Apostle Paul, truly a man of God, said Christians must not put confidence in the flesh (Phil. 3:3).

Unlike some temptations like drugs or alcohol, the temptation toward sexual sin is common to all people. We should not be too proud to admit we need the Lord’s help in this area, as well as help from our spouse and/or a godly, trusted peer of the same sex.

So if you have a computer, get a content filter.

If you have a smartphone or Internet-device, get a filter and an app.

Even while we take great measures to protect the hearts and minds of our kids, let’s not forget to protect our own, too. As it turns out, there is an app for that.