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In this, our last installment of the A.I.M. series, where “A” stands for being Authentic, not hiding our love for the Lord and who we are in Christ, and “I” means being Intentional in how we live so that we intentionally honor God, on purpose, in whatever we do. “M” represents being Missional.

It has been a while since I have blogged. We are all busy, but the last several months have been crazy in a lot of ways. Often Satan will use the busyness of life to throw us off our game or our “mission.” That is still no excuse for this blog being so overdue. See my past blogs for more in depth information on Authentic and Intentional.

What does “Missional” look like? What does it even mean? An easy place to start is in the last chapter of Matthew. Known as the Great Commission, I will often ask groups I am speaking to who tend to be very knowledgeable in what the Bible says, to quote it for me.

They usually begin like this, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…” At which point I stop them, because they begin in verse 19 of the 28th chapter. Christians hang their hats on the Great Commission, but we tend to underwhelm our faith with the focus.

If we were a corporate entity, our product would be ….wait for it … Disciples!  That is what Christ called us to make.

We play a role in kingdom work. It requires a missional mindset to fulfill it. The challenge we have as believers is we have a perspective of going when God wants us to have a perspective of submitting. The Great Commission does not begin in verse 19. It begins in verse 18. Jesus steps up and holds the scepter in front of our eyes and says “All authority has been given Me in heaven and on earth.”

Wow!  Therefore….we go.  We don’t go because we have all this power and ability to lend God a hand in His effort to get more people to love Him. We go because (or therefore) we submit to the universal and total authority of Christ. We don’t go because we are told to go. We go because of Who told us to go.

I am bombarded with requests, directions, instructions and expectations from all types of external influences from family to supervisors. I have to prioritize and manage my time and efforts and determine what has the greatest impact on me, my family and others. What does God want me to do? You see, I need to do what God wants me to do, and consequently, I should want to do what God needs me to. More importantly, I should live this Authentic, Intentional and Missional life daily.

A.I.M is really Luke 9:23 put into action.  Being Authentic as Christians is “Denying ourselves.” Aren’t we really fake when we hide our Christianity and faith outside the walls of the church?

Being Authentic is denying the temptation to blend into the world and take the path of least resistance.

Being Intentional is deciding to “take up our cross daily.” When do Christians accidently talk to someone about Jesus or accidently pray for someone or accidently perform an act of Christian charity? Being Missional is “follow Me.”

When we submit to His authority, obey Him (Great Commission) and follow Christ in His mission, we are Missional. Jesus told us why He came (Luke 19:10 “…to seek and to save that which was lost”). When we realize we can never follow someone we don’t allow to lead, only then will we truly be Missional.

Here is what that might look like at your church: A Restaurant Outreach Ministry

Order some business cards for prospects, listing service times and types on the back and a matte finish on the front which is easily written on*. Then encourage your people to engage their server when they go out to eat in an Authentic, Intentional and Missional way. You might ask questions like these:

“When we pray over our meal – how can we pray for you?”

“Where are you from?”

“Any kids?”

“We have a great ______ at our church”

“Here is a card with the worship times”

“When you come to church – find us/ask for us”

The “easy math” for a church would assume 100 people/families eat out at least 3 times per week. That is over 1,000 encounters per, month or 12,000+ encounters per year. If 99% of those encounters fail to produce a member, you still grow by at least 120 members and families in one year – just from restaurant outreach. By most people’s definition of failure, your church can grow by more than 120 members per year. Who wouldn’t want that?

That is a very easy way to work on your A.I.M.

*BTW – 5000 business cards cost less than 100.00