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I’ve heard someone say, “That peppermint mocha was so good, it changed my life.” I’ve heard another say, “You need to visit this new restaurant. It will change your life.”

These days, we are bombarded with political slogans and consumer marketing promising life-changing experiences. As someone with a marketing background myself, I understand this tactic, but I have come to believe it’s overused. When everything is life-changing, then nothing is especially life-changing.

As Christians, though, we believe the Gospel is what most changes a person’s life.

Without question, becoming a born-again Christian is what most profoundly changed my life. Nothing compares to inheriting eternal life, being reconciled to God through His Son Jesus and having the Holy Spirit living in you.

Christ changes your worldview. He changes your attitude. He changes your eternal destiny. Even though in this world we will still suffer and struggle, Jesus Christ is who and what changes us most, now and always.

For me, what is the second most life changing event was when my wife and I became parents. For starters, there was an entirely new person born into the world, one whom the hospital staff released days after her birth for us—her parents—to take home and be entirely in charge of. This little baby came with many needs, round-the-clock. Whatever plans you had for any given moment of the day, we now had a little person counting on us to be there, or to make arrangements for childcare.

Beyond this, I also discovered that my protective and provider instincts kicked in overdrive. In marriage, I also felt these instincts, but becoming a father took it to a new dimension. I now looked at movies differently. I looked at life differently. I was forever changed.

Perhaps you, too, have experienced this life change or seen its dramatic effect on another person’s life. If so, rejoice in that gift. Also reflect on the fact that God gave you life, and that someone somewhere took care of you all those years up until now. Finally, take a moment to think about the fact that, as much as becoming a parent changes your life, coming to Christ in Faith will change your life even more. And that’s a life-changing promise you can count on.