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Here’s a fresh Doyle’s Half Dozen for you to read. Enjoy!

  1. Comey Conundrum

Is there a more polarizing political person in the present than former FBI Director James Comey? The man has both major political parties mad at him, but if one of those parties focuses on why the other party is mad at him, they will defend him. This has all the makings of a script for a Mel Brooks movie.

Try to name three other former FBI directors. I’m guessing you can’t come up with more than two before inquiring from Google, Suri or Watson. Comey definitely has made himself more relevant in the news than the majority of predecessors, and that has a lot to do with White House officials in the last 8.5 years. Both the current and past administrations seem to have made Comey’s job a little more complicated.

It’s all in the matter of who you can trust, and that includes James Comey. So believe what you want, but I think it’s best for everybody involved that Comey has been relieved of his duties. And he should be relieved that he’s been relieved.

  1. Thunder Thoughts

I haven’t written about the Oklahoma City Thunder. For some of you, that may be a blessing.

We’re approaching a month since the season ended for the Thunder. I know there’s a lot of disappointed fans, but for me, I enjoyed the many exciting games the Thunder played this season.

Russell Westbrook had a season for the ages with his triple-double records. And coming off a disappointing offseason last summer, with Kevin Durant deciding to leave the team, the Thunder exceeded many expectations.

So now this offseason occurs. Jon Hamm offers a reality check for Thunder fans in his Salary Cap Q&A. He does a great job explaining the Thunder’s salary situation, which means chances are very slim the Thunder make a major splash in free agency this summer. Despite the rumors, Blake Griffin doesn’t appear to be coming home anytime soon.

There will be changes to the roster next season. Either Enes Kanter or Taj Gibson will not return, I’m predicting. They can’t afford both big men. Kanter may be traded to free up salary space, which would make it possible to sign Gibson, or Kanter, who is a popular Thunder personality and has embraced OKC, stays, and hopefully he makes some improvement on defense.

Two moves I do predict will happen are 1) Westbrook will sign a major 5-year, $200+ million contract extension, and 2) Andre Roberson will resign for around $10-12 million a year for four years.

I don’t think the offseason will be an over joyous occasion for Thunder fans. But I do believe in the popular theory of the younger players improving. With the likes of Steven Adams, Victor Oladipo, Alex Abrines, Domantas Sabonis and Jerami Grant being 25 or younger, plus consider Doug McDermott having a full year with the Thunder, there’s quite a bit of potential.

What I’m predicting is a solid start for the Thunder, no matter who is back next season, and then a midseason trade happening to put them in an even better position. It would be something similar to the 2010 season, when the Thunder picked up Kendrick Perkins at midseason, which helped propel OKC to the Western Conference Finals that year.

  1. House Bill Battles

A scary scenario happened this week in Oklahoma that threatened to diminish charitable contributions to ministries and non-profit organizations. Oklahoma House Bill 2347 was up for a vote, but it never went to the House floor. The bill proposed to cap deductions of annual charitable giving to $17,000 for the next three tax seasons.

Fortunately, with the help of many Oklahomans calling state reps, the bill has been modified, carving out charitable deductions. This is good news, but Anthony Jordan, executive director-treasurer of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, encouraged Oklahoma Baptists to pray for state leaders who have the tall task of approving a balanced state budget.

“One representative stated how he is so drained physically, emotionally and mentally at this point in the session,” Jordan said in an email to state Baptist leaders. “This is a very trying time for these men and women. They need our prayer support. Let’s dedicate ourselves to pray for them from now until session ends.”

  1. Graduate advice reprise

It is graduation season. Many high school and college students will be celebrating the end of an educational journey. Two years ago, I shared a DHD on advice for graduates. It was considered one of my best DHDs.

So since there’s a new batch of both high school and college graduates, I offer them the same advice I gave in 2015. Read it here and share with your favorite grad.

  1. A Christian Millennial Manifesto

For the second week in a row, I’m promoting a Ryan Smith blog. I don’t think I could say it enough, but Ryan is an excellent writer who especially relates well to young adults and especially relates to others well the mindset of young adults.

In his blog, “Why Millennials May Save The Church,” Ryan offers a counter-perspective to the popular notion that Millennials are “fleeing the church in droves.” It’s a great, encouraging read. Please check it out.

  1. Moms

Happy Mother’s Day to you! Sunday is a special time to honor mother’s, and I hope you have the opportunity to share your appreciation to your momma.

Check out my Mother’s Day edition of DHD that I wrote last year, sharing thoughts about many significant mothers, including my own.