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Mother’s Day is easily one of my favorite holidays. There is nothing better than stopping and spending a whole day celebrating the person who either physically gave you life or stepped into that role and raised you. I may be biased, but I think my mom is the best person in the world. She is kind, patient, beautiful, pure, loving and all of the above. She is a saint!

Me and my Mom on Mother’s Day

As I was thinking about how incredible my own mother is, I began to think about the incredible women of the Bible that are mothers.

First you have Naomi, mother to two sons. Naomi experienced great grief when her husband, and later both sons died. Naomi is one of the strongest women in the Bible in my eyes because of how she handled this situation. She took in Ruth as her own daughter (after Ruth refused to leave Naomi’s side) and the two braved a world that wasn’t kind to widows.

Next is the courageous Jochebed, mother to Moses. This woman gave birth to her son in an act of civil disobedience and trusted the Lord so much that she put her son into dangerous waters to spare him his life. Because of her selfless act, and the Lord’s plan for Moses’ life, her son became a great leader of Egypt.

Sarah, the mother who had to learn a lesson in patience and waiting on the Lord’s timing when it came to waiting to become a mother. The story of Sarah becoming pregnant at such an old age through the Lord’s promise to her husband Abraham to make him the father of many nations is an amazing one.

Then we have Mary. Mary is perhaps the most recognized mother of the Bible. The earthly mother to our Lord and Savior, Mary was trusted with this title as a young, unwed woman. The strength and bravery that she had in this position of such importance is something to behold. Also, how she had to watch her son leave this world, but knew it had to happen. Mary was brave.

I see all of these characteristics in moms all around me. Bravery when it comes to facing tasks like growing a human. Raising that little human to be the type of person the Lord would have them be. Patience in times when they are close to their whit’s end. Ingenuity when it comes to problem solving, and sacrificial love to make sure their child has all of the opportunities to succeed possible.

All of these things are honorable and good. I see my mom in all of these traits. She raised six children, the last of those two children being twins. Can you imagine? I think she must have extra arms hidden away somewhere. How else would she do that? (I’m not fully convinced she isn’t super human. I’ve never seen her and Wonder Woman in the same place, if you know what I mean.)

Most of all, my mom (and my dad, but he’ll have his day!) taught all of us children to love the Lord our God with all of our hearts. She imbed that into our hearts at a young age. She is the definition of Proverbs 31 woman. She doesn’t speak just to hear herself; she speaks with wisdom. She isn’t afraid of the future, I’m not sure she’s afraid of anything. She fully trusts the Lord and His will for her and her family’s life. She fears the Lord, and for that I think she should always be praised for the legacy she has created in our family for generations to come.

All of the members of my family, and their families.

So take a second if you didn’t get a chance to celebrate your mom, grandma or any other form of mom in your life and first thank the Lord for His provision in this area of your life. He is so good for blessing the world with mothers. Second, thank your mom. Chances are, if you are like me, you’ll never truly know how much she sacrificed for you and your siblings, and how much goodness she’s spoken and brought into your life.

To mothers everywhere, you are appreciated and loved, thanks for all that you do!