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No formal intro this week. Let’s get to the six timely topics.

  1. Kanter’s calamity

I’m getting the news like many have this morning about Enes Kanter’s father being arrested by the Turkish government. The Thunder center sent out a tweet reporting his dad’s arrest, and Kanter said, “He is potentially to get tortured as thousand others.”

I already was planning to blog about Kanter and the political conflicts in his homeland of Turkey, which has been ongoing for almost a year. If you want an accurate summary, check out the story on Bleacher Report. It’s pretty thorough yet concise.

I do feel for Enes. I find him to be compassionate, good-natured yet bold and confident in his views. There are some elements of his situation that can be difficult for us Americans to digest. His family disowned Enes, making a public statement last year. The BR story explains this situation well, offering the presumption that it was an attempt to keep the Kanter family safe. However, the news this morning reveals this possible ploy backfired.

Somehow, someway, I desire to see God glorified through this. Kanter is a devout Muslim, and it has been reported how the Thunder have done a lot to accommodate Kanter’s religious devotion, such as providing him an office where he does his daily prayers and meeting his dietary requirements.

I want Kanter to find Christ through these kind gestures the Thunder and Oklahoma City have offered. This doesn’t mean we agree with his religious beliefs, but we accept Enes. And I hope Enes will accept Christ.

  1. Christians and Ramadan

Check out Mike Edens’ story on Baptist Press about why Christians should care about Ramadan, a month-long Muslim practice involving a strict eating schedule and other rituals of self-restraint, observed to help Muslims focus more on God.

The story reminds me of a book I read last year, “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus,” which was a challenging read at first, because the writer, Nabeel Qureshi, a former Muslim who is now a Christian, shares great details of his life growing up in a devout Muslim family. I found his stories intimidating, but they are necessary to read in order to fully comprehend the great work of God and the Holy Spirit in the writer’s life. As devout of a Muslim as he was, I’d say Qureshi’s conversion would be like a modern-day Paul the Apostle.

One important element that was crucial to Qureshi becoming a Christian was a friend he met in college who was willing to accept him as he was. Edens’ article gives practical instructions on how all Christians can connect with Muslim neighbors with the purpose of leading them to Christ.

“The reality is that every day, Muslims are dying without Jesus,” Edens wrote. “Some have been presented with the truth of the Gospel and have rejected it, while others have never once had the opportunity to respond to the good news.

“Christians should grasp this sobering truth and view this month of Muslims’ heightened spiritual awareness as a time to earnestly entreat our heavenly Father to soften their hearts to the message of salvation by grace through faith in Christ. Christians should also pray for an increase in Christian evangelical presence in Muslim communities across the globe.”

  1. Good presidential humor, bad presidential humor

This has been a full week for President Trump. Among his recent decisions involve removing America from the Paris climate deal, revising the HHS mandate to protect religious freedom and doubling the amount provided for abstinence education in the proposed 2018 federal budget.

The President also has been the subject of two popular comedic stunts, though one majorly backfired. The “good humor” trend involves Trump’s “mis-tweet” of a made up word “covfefe.” I myself had some fun on Facebook with this silliness. What I appreciate about it is I had two friends from opposite political spectrums make similar comments on my Facebook post.

Then there’s the bad humor episode involving comedienne Kathy Griffin. I won’t go into details. If you don’t know, do an internet search. You won’t have any trouble getting informed. Griffin’s attempt at presidential humor may have ruined her career.

If you have been following DHD for a while, you know I’m not a concrete Trump supporter, though I do appreciate some decisions he has made as President. But I know some people who are still upset with the result of the election and have made their disgruntlement of President Trump known. I also know avid Trump fans who couldn’t be more pleased.

But when it comes to humor at the expense of the President of the United States, let’s all use good judgement because, as I’ve said many times in the past, what I say about you says more about me than it does about you. Be respectful of everybody, because of who you are.

  1. Two Russell Moore posts

Russell Moore has been on a roll lately. Check out two blogs he posted this week, involving the newly-released Wonder Woman movie and his current reading list.

In “Wonder Woman and Gender Wars,” Moore explains the cultural history involving the female superhero and tells how Wonder Woman originated. This is a great, fascinating read.

In “What I’m Reading,” Moore shares the list of books he is currently reading, which is rather lengthy. I don’t think I could take on eight books at one time. I do well to finish one book in less than a month.

What still surprises me about Moore is his fascination with country music, but THEN, he mentions he’s reading Jimmy Buffet’s biography and gives his praise to the mayor of Margaritaville. He finishes this article claiming that the prophets Ezekiel and Jeremiah are the “Willie and Waylon of the Old Testament.” Yeah, this is a different (yet enjoyable) read from the ERLC president.

  1. Illinois flops on foster care

Foster care workers and families in Illinois have been told to follow a controversial order involving misguided LGBT philosophies.

According to Baptist Press, “Foster care workers and families in Illinois must allow gay and transgender youth to express and explore their chosen gender identity and sexual orientation, according to a new state governmental directive.”

Termination from the state program is possible if order is not followed. What this could mean is many Christian foster families will pull out of helping foster children in Illinois.

Oklahoma has made progress in helping the state’s foster program, especially among Christian families and churches. Last year, many stories of Oklahoma Baptists involved in foster care and the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children’s new foster care program “One Such Child” were reported frequently in the Baptist Messenger. I shudder to think such an ungodly, immoral requirement would be made in Oklahoma, which would cripple the beginning of a good work.

  1. PP described by BB

I conclude this week’s DHD with a Babylon Bee post on Planned Parenthood. The Christian satiric website gives a biting description on the world’s leading abortion group, but its best remark doesn’t involve satire. Check out the Bee’s “Origin” of Planned Parenthood.