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No intro. Let’s get to it.

  1. Lankford lets ABC know “Hate Group” is unacceptable

Bravo to Senator James Lankford for addressing ABC News about using inappropriate labeling in a news story.

Lankford sent a letter (read here) to ABC News President James Goldston regarding the network’s reporting on Attorney General James Sessions’ speech before the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). In the report, ABC News described ADF as a “hate group” because of the organization’s support of religious freedom and marriage based upon biblical instruction.

“(T)he label of ‘hate’ cannot be taken lightly,” Lankford wrote. He mentioned how the term “hate group” has been used in such a way as to be “overly broad and not based in fact or legal accuracy.”

A key reason why I applaud Lankford for speaking out against the misuse of “hate group” and other excessive language is it hinders objectivity and opportunities for dialog.

“In this country, we have the ability and freedom to disagree,” Lankford explained. “However, disagreement is not the same as discrimination, and it’s not the same as hate.”

He concluded the letter saying it is his hope that everybody, including the media, “take more responsibility for words and actions because they matter.”

  1. The Democratic Abortion Party

Baptist Press reported this week on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee stating there is no abortion “litmus test” for democratic candidates.

The article gives a lot of clear views about the issue of abortion and how many in the Democratic Party are determined to promote the abortion agenda to the hilt, which would include federal funding for the procedure of ending preborn babies’ lives.

However, it is encouraging to know that attempts do exist, even at meager conditions, to promote Sanctity of Life among Democrats.

  1. Aug 4 is Westbrook Day

On this date last year, Russell Westbrook made Thunder fans extremely happy by signing a contract extension. I made a funny prediction that he would sign his super max deal offer of more than $200M/5 years on Aug. 4 this year, signifying another year of Russ bringing joy in Thunderville. However, it doesn’t seem like the NBA MVP will be doing any signing today.

Check out this humorous take on

  1. Christians and Transgenderism

Last week I mentioned a great article on Laura Perry in the July 27 edition of the Baptist Messenger. The story about Perry turning from a transgendered lifestyle to being a committed Christian has received much response on social media.

“Thank you for sharing your story. I pray many will hear of it and find strength in their own struggles, to surrender all to Jesus,” Janet S. wrote on the website about Perry’s story.

The challenge is great for Christians in society’s growing acceptance of transgenderism and how it is affecting different aspects of culture, especially in the education world.

Check out Andrew Walker’s article “Five things every Christian must know about the Transgender Debate.”

  1. Remember those exposing Planned Parenthood videos?

Two years ago, the Center for Medical Progress released a series of video revealing many harsh truths about Planned Parenthood. They were “gotcha” videos undisclosed at the time of filming, showing national-level executives discussing the selling of body parts of aborted fetuses. Many in the Pro-Life camp were celebrating this growing effect of exposing the world’s largest abortion provider, despite the downplay of media and liberal politicians.

So why weren’t the videos more effective in hindering Planned Parenthood’s work? Some clinics did shut down, and more state were more active in no longer allowing funding to Planned Parenthood. But the abortion company still exists and abortions are still widely practiced.

Check out Joe Carter’s article “Why didn’t the Planned Parenthood videos change the abortion debate?” as he gives his take on this exposing video craze.

  1. Olive and me

I end this week’s DHD with a cute video of Olive having fun with my Thunder media pass. This one night, my credential from last season fell to the floor, and Olive was in a silly mood when she brought it in the den, making sure I saw her playing with it.