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Another week, another DHD.

Let’s get to it.

  1. Pah-Lee-se stop the ridiculousness

ESPN reassigned a game announcer who was previously scheduled to call a Univ. of Virginia football game, Sept. 2. The announcer’s name is Robert Lee. In last week’s DHD I talked about making rash decisions and offered alternative responses.

However you view ESPN’s decision, everybody can agree this was done under unfortunate circumstances. Some could say ESPN defeated its own purpose. By removing Lee, who is Asian-American and not related to the famous Civil War general, the sports network may have caused more fuss than if Lee did call the game in Charlottesville.

Considering the game was a regional broadcast, do you think more people in the West, Midwest and Southwest would be talking about Lee if he called the UVa game than the coverage this story is getting now?

Again, I am for racial reconciliation, and I would support any action that would be for such progress in America, but I am having a hard time believing this is a reasonable action toward the cause.

  1. Evangelistic Eclipse Exchange

So the Eclipse came and went this week. The talk about it probably ended by Wednesday. But Stacy Neuschaefer may have found a way to make the Eclipse a topic with eternal value.

Check out her blog “I Missed the Eclipse,” and see how Stacy relates the astronomical event to the Gospel.

  1. Falls Creek Frenzy

Next weekend, thousands are expected to gather in the Arbuckle Mountains in southern Oklahoma to celebrate 100 years of Falls Creek. Known by practically every Oklahoma-born child and beyond, the summer youth campground has turned into a monumental landscape for thousands upon thousands who made life-changing decisions in the past century.

Next week, I’ll share what Falls Creek means to me personally, but if you are able to make the trek down I-35 to Exit 51 toward Davis on Saturday, Sept. 2 or Sunday, Sept. 3, or come both days, I know you will enjoy this great weekend experience of Falls Creek’s Centennial Celebration.

For more information on the weekend festivities, visit

  1. Pray for Houston and Southern Texas

I’m actually writing the DHD on Thursday night, Aug. 24, and I’m hearing the reports about the hurricane that is supposed to land Friday night, Aug. 25.

Don Williams, new Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief director, tweeted this message earlier today: “We are monitoring the storm situation in the gulf, and have volunteers on standby in the scenario we are called on to serve.”

A friend of mine on Facebook asked to pray for her dad and stepmom who live in San Antonio. Here’s the prayer I offered: Dear God, we acknowledge you as the blessed Controller and trust in your perfect will. Knowing that even the winds and the rain obey you, please protect Stephanie’s dad and stepmom right now. Give them a peace that can only come from you, Lord. Be with all who may be in harms way during this hurricane. Even in uncertain times, we know You are faithful. Thank you for loving us and hearing our prayers. In Jesus name, Amen.

  1. Choosing to Offer Grace

Speaking of Facebook, another friend offered great wisdom that I needed today:

“People have forgotten that being offended is a choice. And so is offering grace.”

Thank you, Emma, for being a wise young lady!

  1. Recycling Wax

Trevin Wax had an awesome blog post this week, “Google on Abortion: 3 Fresh Ways to Make the Case for Life.”

He covers Stephanie Gray’s pro-life talk at Google, which thrills me to no end, and I pray her talk not only provides encouraging points to change views toward Sanctity of Life, but also increases the possibility of making abortion unthinkable.