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I’m currently sitting in the cafeteria at the Norman HealthPlex off I-35. As I type, Karen is having shoulder surgery, which is supposed to be about an hour-plus-long procedure. My goal is to have this week’s Doyle’s Half Dozen completed and posted before I get a text from the surgical staff, telling me Karen’s in recovery. This means I’ve got to get going.

Let’s get to it!

  1. Baker and his flag mount

I’m glad this is becoming old news. Last Saturday, Sooners Quarterback Baker Mayfield celebrated OU’s victory over Ohio State by running around with an OU flag, and then, with some coaxing from teammates, Mayfield ran over to midfield and unsuccessfully tried to mount the flag at the 50-yard line.

Since then, sports commentators across the country gave their view about Mayfield’s form of celebration. I’ll go ahead and say I disagree with everybody.

I am not glad that Mayfield did it, but I’m not one to call for Mayfield to be penalized. I don’t compare what Mayfield did to Terrell Owens’ celebration on the Dallas Cowboys’ star. It wasn’t a premeditated act, and it was done after the game when the Buckeyes were back in the locker room. Baker was just excited and wanted to find a way to celebrate after losing at home to Ohio State last year. Plus, it was a huge win, and he played an awesome game.

However, the flag mount was a distraction. It was bad form. I endorse the philosophy to show graciousness after a win. What Baker did overshadowed the victory, but I know that wasn’t his intention.

After he apologized this week, people criticized him for that. The reasons for national disapproval vary from thinking it didn’t need an apology to being political in order to not hinder his Heisman candidacy.

The good thing is it’s starting to become water under the bridge. If OU continues winning, and Baker continues to excel on the field with fewer off-field antics, the flag incident may no longer be hoisted.

  1. Jordan’s journey

The biggest news among Oklahoma Baptists is Anthony Jordan announcing his retirement next spring. Board members of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma met this week, and Jordan made his decision to step down as BGCO executive director-treasurer effecting April 15, 2018.

Jordan has been in his position for almost 22 years, and many will declare him to be the most effect leader among Oklahoma Baptists. One of the greatest accomplishments that happened under his leadership is the vast improvements at Falls Creek. What used to be primarily a summer campground has turned into a year-round conference/retreat facility that is in demand. Falls Creek will continue its reputation as the world’s largest Christian youth encampment, but now there’s so much more to do there at other times of the year as a great respite for spiritual renewal. Jordan was instrumental for this makeover in the Arbuckle Mountains.

I plan to share more about Dr. Jordan in the months to come.

  1. Trevin’s Cable News blog

I’m at it again, raving about Trevin Wax. Check out “Should We Pull the Plug on Cable News?” It is a magnificent read!

Wax is so good at being objective and allowing the reader to come to their own conclusions about an issue. His talent shows once again with this blog. One unique thing I learned from reading this piece is that well-known Christian author and pastor John Piper has never owned a television. Wax provides links to articles that elaborate on Piper’s decision to keep the tube out of his house. It’s good stuff.

  1. Tramel’s travelblogs

I’ve mentioned Berry Tramel, sports columnist for The Oklahoman, a few times in my DHDs. I don’t always agree with Berry’s perspective on things, and that’s a good thing. He is excellent at making me think. But if I see that Berry has written something, I will probably read it, including if it’s one of his travelblogs.

As he roams the country covering sporting events relevant to Oklahoma, he offers tales about his trips. Currently, Berry is up in Canada, enjoying Niagara Falls with his wife. He was in Columbus, Ohio for the OU-Ohio State football game last Saturday, and he remained on the road as he will be in Pittsburgh for the Oklahoma State-Pitt game this Saturday. In the days between, he thought he would take in some sights up north.

Check out his entry “Staying in Canada.” His descriptions fascinate me. It’s as if he knows I’m going to read his blog because he writes in such a way that’s eerily relevant to my life. For example, read this:

“Pittsburgh is an incredible city. The interstates were cut through the mountains, but most of the other primary roads go up and down and around the hills. There aren’t a lot of Hefner Roads or May Avenues in Pittsburgh.”

Okay, let me point out, Berry lives in Norman. I live in The Village which, for those who don’t know, is way on the opposite side of the Oklahoma City metro. I realize OKC isn’t like LA or even Dallas, but for guy whom I’m certain doesn’t frequent the Northwest OKC area often (his office is downtown), why would he choose Hefner and May, which is an intersection close to my house and isn’t THAT popular of a thoroughfare? It was just freaky to me. Apparently, he knows I’m a fan.

  1. Helpful for teaching Bible study

Another blog I found helpful this week was written by Melissa Kruger. Check out “Four Types of Questions Not to Ask in Your Small Group Bible Study.”

As one who enjoys leading Bible Study on Sunday mornings, I found this article very helpful.

  1. Happy Birthday Steph!

I conclude this week’s DHD with a birthday shoutout to Stephanie Boone. Steph is the BGCO communications ministry assistant, and the girl just has a knack for accomplishing the impossible. Well, maybe not the impossible, but I can’t believe how much she gets done while also giving a funny smart aleck response to my pestering comments.

By the way, I couldn’t come up with a sixth topic, so this was the best I do.