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I took last week off from DHDing. But I’m back now and ready to share some thoughts on six timely topics.

Here we go!

  1. Decision made for Dilbeck

Last Sunday, an announcement was made at my church by our pastor Hance Dilbeck. He made it known to the whole congregation he has been nominated to be the next executive director-treasurer for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.

I remember a situation a few years ago when Bro. Hance addressed Anthony Jordan, current BGCO leader, in a church service and had difficulty pronouncing Dr. Jordan’s title. Now Hance is a board’s decision away from holding such title.

On Dec. 11, the BGCO board of directors will have a special meeting to approve the nomination by the search committee of Hance Dilbeck to be Anthony Jordan’s successor upon Jordan’s retirement in April 2018. I have heard more than one person say this move is a “no-brainer,” and I agree.

As both a member of Quail Springs Baptist Church and an employee of the BGCO, this appears to be a mixed feeling for me. I consider Hance to be a model pastor. For almost 15 years, he has led QSBC in becoming a dynamic body of believers. There have been many positive changes, and I had the humble privilege of witnessing, even participating, in these exciting moves of growth, mission impact and changing lives for Christ.

But I know Hance is capable of leading at the state level and experiencing progress among all Oklahoma Baptists. I know firsthand he is a visionary from watching what has happened at QSBC under his leadership, and it is evident he is well-respected among Oklahoma Baptist leaders.

The future is bright for the BGCO and also for QSBC, when you consider the church has persevered for 67 years with only four pastors in its history. I don’t have a clue who the next pastor will be, but based on the history of Nichols Hills/Quail Springs Baptist Church, Lord willing, this body of believers will remain strong and consistent in doing the work of the Lord and being a faithful flock.

  1. Sunday School or small groups

I noticed The Gospel Coalition is sharing different perspectives in the “small groups vs. Sunday School” debate. I would favor Allen Duty’s blog on the benefits of both. Let me share with you a great equipping site that can utilize both or either. It’s

Some people get caught up in titles, and if that’s you, call it whatever you want. If you want to call it Sunday School or small group, feel free in order to meet your preference. What’s much more important is that you meet and you use this gathering time as a growth strategy for your church, which is at the heart of the Reconnect Sunday School emphasis.

The website I shared gives all kinds of helps and training for teaching, fellowshipping and evangelizing with Jesus being the focus.

  1. Bible reading plan

Now is a great time to consider what your Bible study method will be for 2018. If you already have one, awesome. If you don’t, consider Denny Burk’s plan. I’ve been using his daily Bible reading plan for the past six years, and every year, my Scripture reading is fresh, as if God had a special message for me, even though it appears I read the same passages every year.

Check out his site. He provides printouts for you, and you’ll notice it is schedule in such a way that is not burdensome. It’s designed with make-up reading days, in case you get behind throughout the year.

Set a regular time every day to read your Bible and spend time alone with God.

  1. Thunder thoughts

Like many Thunder fans, I’m challenged with the recent game results. I don’t have an answer and don’t have a projection right now. My conclusion right now is this year’s team has been put together to challenge the Golden State Warriors, and they proved they can last week, but the problem is the Thunder also has to face 28 other teams.

Today begins a new month. Hopefully it also begins new results for the Thunder.

  1. Carter is correct

I learn a lot reading Joe Carter’s blogs. I loved his entry for today, regarding a nonpartisan way to vote. Check out “The Nonpartisan Solution to Our Roy Moore Problem.” He is very much in line with my view of voting “leave it blank” philosophy. I also appreciate his response to the “lesser of two evils” approach.

  1. Presenting a perception on Poppins

I conclude with another Gospel Coalition article. I’m a fan of movie analyses, and Dean Abbott gives a good one on Mary Poppins and how he believes the Disney classic takes on the ruthlessness of modern society. I especially enjoyed his takeaway from the symbolic aspects of the bank vs. the cathedral.