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It never was a good idea to let your children watch the Disney Channel without some parental input or supervision, but now it’s a downright bad one.

The series Andi Mack in October became the first Disney Channel series to feature an openly gay main character when Cyrus – a 13-year-old male character – confided that he has romantic feelings for boys.

It was but the latest “gay moment” for the Disney Channel, which in June aired an episode of The Lodge in which a minor character came out as gay. And earlier this year on Disney XD, the cartoon series Star vs. The Forces of Evil included a concert scene where men were kissing men, and women kissing women.

What’s a Christian parent to do? Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Teach our children to be discerning. Sure, we can just “turn it off,” but Scripture wants us to do much more (Deut. 6:6-7). We must teach our children the whole counsel of God – and how it applies to life. After all, we want our children to make the right decisions when we aren’t in the room.
  2. Acknowledge that it’s not harmless entertainment. Consider: What is Disney’s goal in inserting gay characters? It is to normalize homosexuality. It’s virtually an advertisement. No doubt, some teens and children are mature enough to watch such content and remain firm in their faith. Others, though, are not. Only parents can decide.
  3. Consider alternatives. I gave up on broadcast and cable television long ago. Nothing surprises me. That’s why my family has opted for streaming alternatives: the good shows on Netflix, along with services like the Dove Channel, PureFlix, ClearPlay and VidAngel. That way, we get to decide on the content. And it’s a lot more inspiring, too.