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Many topics to address this week. Let’s get to it.

  1. Judging Moore

The special election for Alabama’s open U.S. Senate seat happened this week. It fascinates me when the nation decides to pay attention to election issues, especially those on the state level.

Those who rarely dabble in political dialogue come out of the woodwork on some situations, but when it involves moral issues, such as Planned Parenthood being exposed or a Christian baker on trial, not a peep.

I would not have voted for Roy Moore. I noticed there were 23,000 write-in selections, and, at first reports, Moore’s opponent won by a difference of 21,000 votes. As I mentioned in previous DHDs, Oklahoma does not allow write-ins on election ballots, so I encourage “Leave it Blank” and have the vote counted as an undervote. This is what I did in the last presidential election.

Though I don’t support Moore, I hope those whom I respect who were making public disagreements of Moore’s candidacy would consider the issues his campaign supported, such as the Sanctity of Human Life and Religious Liberties, and don’t portray those issues in similar fashion of disapproval.

  1. Churches challenged for Religious Liberty

Speaking of Religious Liberty, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission submitted a great piece to help churches that may face legal challenges.

Check out Erik Stanley’s article “Is Your Church Prepared to Handle a Challenge to Its Religious Liberty?”

The article states “It is not a matter of if churches will face legal challenges to their religious liberty but rather where and when.”

  1. A ‘no-spoilers’ review of The Last Jedi

Are you planning to see The Last Jedi this weekend or soon? Michael Foust gives some excellent thoughts without revealing anything plot-related about the latest Star Wars film.

He also gives his personal ranking of all the Star Wars movies. I think he ranks Rogue One way too low.

  1. Waxing evil and manners

Trevin Wax once again gives a good blog this week. Check out his response to the New York Times article “The Nazi Sympathizer Next Door.”

“We deceive ourselves,” Wax wrote, “if we think evil is relegated to ‘monsters,’ or that evil beliefs take root in people who belong to a different class of humanity than ourselves. The disturbing thing about evil is that it’s everywhere, and most of the time, is not extreme.”

Here’s a great example Wax offered:

“Watch the video of a Planned Parenthood executive munching on salad and drinking her wine while she casually discusses how she adapts the abortion procedure (‘I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above . . .’) in order to salvage the body parts of unborn babies for sale.”

  1. Wise Men revealed

Hannah, my co-worker, should appreciate this blog. Check out Greg Lanier’s “We Three Kings of Orient Aren’t.” Hannah is our office Nativity Scene “expert,” and we have fun with the discrepancies of having the Wise Men appear in the popular manger exhibit.

Lanier gives great insight to the mysterious men who appear before Jesus in his infancy. It’s a great read for this time of year. I hope you can use the information when discussing the birth of Christ with friends and family.

  1. Christmas-themed DHDs

I conclude with sharing three DHDs I did last year for the Christmas season. I hope you enjoy reading them. I definitely enjoyed reminiscing! Here they are by title:

DHD: Six ‘Underrated’ Characters of Popular Christmas Shows

DHD: Six Christmas Traditions

DHD: Six Christmas Blessings