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Lots of good topics this week. Currently, the 2018 March for Life is happening in Washington D.C., and I’m appreciative of the many who are participating and speaking out for the Sanctity of Human Life. Also, this Sunday is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. I hope your church is planning to participate.

Let’s get to it!

  1. May Wilberforce be with the Pro-lifers

Check out Gracy Olmstead’s article “The Pro-life Movement Needs More Wilberforces.” I do agree. There needs to be more politicians like William Wilberforce, who played a significant role in the 18th century English Parliament toward ending slavery.

If you haven’t seen the movie Amazing Grace, you should watch it and learn more about Wilberforce and how his influence against the slave trade should inspire current government leaders to follow his lead toward ending the practice of abortion clinics.

By the way, in Olmstead’s article, there are much stronger leaders against abortion than the ones she mentions at the beginning of her article. I can assure you, I don’t value the sanctity of life because of Donald Trump and Roy Moore.

  1. Lankford is Wilberforce-like

You’ve heard me talk about James Lankford before, and I’m doing it again. If you want a strong government leader for the Pro-Life Movement, there’s not a better current statesmen for the cause than the U.S. Senator from Oklahoma. If you have the time, and would like to know more about Lankford, he gives an excellent speech that preceded the March for Life rally, and along with discussing upcoming pro-life bills, he tells about how he became a Senator after being involved in student ministry.


  1. Sir Billy Graham

Sarah Pulliam Bailey’s article about fact checking the Netflix series The Crown regarding Queen Elizabeth’s friendship with Billy Graham is excellent. I’ve never seen The Crown, but I am fascinated with historical pieces involving Billy Graham, and this piece was an education for me.

I never knew Billy Graham was knighted. I agree with Bailey’s conclusions that there’s no way Graham would have met with the Queen alone because of his well-known “Billy Graham Rule,” which was a recent topic involving Vice President Mike Pence who said he does not meet alone with a woman.

I also enjoyed the many passages addressing forgiveness from both Graham and the Queen.

  1. Waxing hospitality

I’m offering my token Trevin Wax shout-out with sharing his blog “The Hospitality That Makes The Church Stand Out.”

Here’s a great outtake: “Hospitality toward those who are not church members (even toward those who have radically opposing political or ethical views) should be normal, not unusual. This is not a step toward compromise; it’s a powerful weapon in our spiritual arsenal.”

  1. Parks & Rec Star’s Major Stumble

I enjoyed watching the earlier seasons of NBC’s Parks & Recreation. Aziz Ansari played Tom Haverford on the show who had some hilarious moments. His life lately has not been humorous, as it has been revealed he is one of the latest popular personalities involved in the cultural sexual assault epidemic.

Joshua Pease gives an interesting take on why the church should be talking about Ansari and his unfortunate experience with a woman. His point “Sex Isn’t Meant for Strangers” may seem like an obvious conclusion, but with the way society operates today, it’s becoming difficult for many to discern.

David French supports this oversexed perception in his article on Ansari and the modern sexual morality.

French wrote, “Human beings have a desperate need for a sexual morality that transcends consent. There is no real price for delayed gratification. There is enormous cost inherent in encounters such as that between Grace and Ansari. Under no circumstances should a man pursue sex on a first date, much less at business meetings, at the office, or at restaurants.”

  1. A humane human chain

I conclude this week’s DHD with an awesome demonstration of humanity toward helping a desperate dog: