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It’s getting warmer! You know it’s been cold when you’re excited for the temperature to be above freezing.

Enjoy the warmth while taking in this week’s DHD. Let’s get to it!

  1. Sooners aftermath

I join the many who are sad after Monday’s Rose Bowl result. However, don’t lump me in with the foolish ones who are crying for coaches to be fired. That’s my biggest annoyance after OU loses.

One reason I am sad is I no longer get to watch Baker Mayfield play with the Sooners. I know there is much to criticize about the polarizing quarterback, but I enjoyed watching him lead the offense the past three seasons. I have many great memories of sitting up in the north end zone of Owen Field and watching Baker pull off some of the most unbelievable plays. There will be more enjoyable views from Section 18, Row 65, but those games from the Baker Mayfield era will be some of the best.

  1. Thunder is thundering

Now I’m back to enjoying Thunder games. And the Thunder have been looking good lately. They have won eight of their last 10 games, even though they should have won all 10. Regardless, there’s a much more positive outlook right now in Loud City.

Rookie Terrance Ferguson has had time to shine the last two games. I am glad he has been a positive contributor while the Thunder has been on the road.

Russ is at a good pace right now, especially stepping up on the defensive end. I also love the performances of Paul George and Carmelo Anthony during the recent successful stretch.

By the way, the noise about PG while the Thunder have been in LA? Don’t get caught up in that. Enjoy the team for now, and see what happens when it’s over. Nothing is guaranteed beyond this season.

  1. New song intrigue

I have only heard this song two times when it has come on the radio, and I found it fascinating both times. “Broken Prayers” by new artist Riley Clemmons has some strong lyrics.

“I’ve been taught how to talk to You” is how the song begins. “Say all the words I am supposed to; Bow my head, say ‘Amen;’ Yeah that’ll do” also is a part that is intriguing. Clemmons seems to reflect on her upbringing in church, perhaps, or growing up in a Christian family.

Then the song goes on with Clemmons expressing more of what happens when she engages God with her life experiences, of tears and fears and messy words and hurt. But she acknowledges that God sees the beauty from her broken prayers.

Two thoughts about this song: 1) I love the example this young lady demonstrates of being open and consistent with God; 2) I’m glad someone taught her to pray.

  1. DeYoung and de resolutions

Kevin DeYoung encourages me with his blogs. He offered a great one this week about resolutions that affect your yearly calendar. Suggestions like taking two three-day sabbaticals to catch up on things at home, Bible reading and needed rest. Or cutting back on certain obligations in order to meet new people, reconnect with past friends and spend time with family.

I loved what he wrote on one resolution regarding planning this year’s vacation time. He said “it’s usually better to spend money on experiences and memories as opposed to stuff.”

Check out his resolutions’ list and see what you could implement in your life this year.

  1. Moore’s take on applying Jer. 29:11

Russell Moore gives a great application piece for one of the more quoted Bible verses. Check out “Does Jeremiah 29:11 Apply to You?”

One of the great things Moore does is expounding on the book of Jeremiah, which isn’t a good one to use for finding a self-help mantra. As Moore said, Jeremiah is about “God disrupting his people’s plans and upending his people’s dreams.”

“Through Jeremiah,” Moore wrote, “God is telling the exiles (in Babylon) that their scattering isn’t accidental. God has plans for them, plans that include even what seems chaotic and random. Moreover, these plans mean the exile isn’t permanent.”

The biggest danger that Moore points out is trying to apply the “American dream” to Scripture. He said Jer. 29:11 does apply to us, but it doesn’t promise “the kind of future American culture prizes.”

  1. Not taking the bull by the horns

I end with sharing a fascinating video. I’m curious to know how this many men could be involved in such a crazy stunt. Of course, this appears to be safer than the Running of the Bulls. Apparently, bulls are not threatened by anything below eye level: