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Some weeks I struggle to come up with six timely topics, but this week has an opposite conundrum. I’m having to narrow down to six topics. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what I have to share in the latest edition of Doyle’s Half Dozen.

Let’s get to it!

  1. Pray for Shane

I’ve had the privilege of writing a couple of pieces about Shane Hall, pastor of Del City, First Southern, and his battle against cancer. It’s been projected his final days (maybe hours) are fast approaching. At the time of me typing these words, Shane is still with us.

Baptist Press released an article on Thursday, Feb. 15, about Shane, and I love the headline – “’Worshipping Jesus,’ Shane Hall defies cancer’s toll” It’s the truth. I can’t believe all that has happened with Shane, his wife Misty and their two daughters in last three-plus years, as he has battled an extremely aggressive stomach cancer. He’s experienced a severe illness and internal organ failure. His body is so frail, yet he continues to remain here, with a strong spirit and a desire to worship his Lord.

UPDATE: Shane died Friday afternoon, Feb. 16. Read here for more information.

  1. Bill Hancock’s Olympic Adventures

I have been enjoying the Olympics. It’s so easy to do. However, I’m surprised how curling has been such an appeal this time. In the past, people seemed to dread watching it, but it’s a big deal at these Olympics. Maybe it’s the yelling.

As I shared last week, my extra Olympic treat is reading Bill Hancock’s daily journal. I am entertained every day. I’m even excited to read what Bill has for breakfast, which is usually the same thing, but the man eats a hearty, unconventional meal in the morning. Berry Tramel, who shares Bill’s blogs on, was even asked about Bill’s eating habits in his Thursday online “lunch chat”:

Guest: What’s with Hancock’s weird meals at the Olympics, sticky rice for breakfast?

Tramel: Bill eats quite differently than I do. Barely eats after lunch. Biggest meal is breakfast. I don’t know anything about sticky rice. Is that different from rice that is just gummed together.

In Friday’s journal entry, Bill talks about hiking to the cross country skiing venue. If you haven’t read any of his Olympic blogs, you owe it to yourself to experience some pleasant Okie-flair, behind-the-scene observations of the Olympics.

  1. Ham is back on to speak at UCO

Ken Ham, Christian apologist and creationist, will be speaking at the University of Central Oklahoma after all.

The Oklahoman reported Ham was re-invited to give his talk on science and Darwinian views March 5 at 3 p.m. on the UCO campus. I suspect he may get a large crowd, and I pray God will use Ham to share the Gospel with those who need to hear it.

  1. A brilliant idea to prevent school shootings

Like everybody, I am sad about this week’s school shooting in Florida. Two of my friends on Facebook – and I don’t think they know each other – shared an excellent story from the Reader’s Digest website (and I didn’t know Reader’s Digest had a website).

The story offers a “brilliant strategy” for preventing future school shootings, and it has nothing to do with guns. The teacher in the story has an impressive process of evaluating her class. As the writer Glennon Doyle Melton (no relation), admits, this teacher is “looking for lonely children.”

I would agree that the focus needs to be on encouraging students, showing support, looking for ways to help students find fulfillment in life and not feel neglected.

I would also add that Christians need to be more involved in sharing the Gospel and pointing students to Christ.

This is a more effective approach than focusing on guns.

  1. My story on Sophia

In next week’s Baptist Messenger, I have a story on a sweet little girl named Sophia who recently suffered a brain hemorrhage and a stroke, which is a rare occurrence for a 6-year-old.

Her mother Jaimie is a friend, and I was happy to interview her because I was amazed by how many different Oklahoma Baptist churches were involved in ministering to Sophia and the family.

Consider this a teaser because I hope you will read it and find out how the Body of Christ has literally been the hands and feet of Christ for this little girl.

  1. A fun interview of a unique couple

I enjoyed reading this article on Roy and Karen Prior. Karen teaches English at my alma mater, Liberty University. I plan reading this Q&A again because it’s full of great nuggets about marriage and life, especially in today’s society. And I don’t think this website is strictly focused on the Christian worldview, so I hope the Priors’ story will encourage an unbeliever who may read it.