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There are those moments while reading God’s word, when certain words jump off the pages and hit you in the heart like an arrow splintering through a bullseye. Sometimes these words are so simple, maybe even “filler” words that you never even think twice about.

But, then, you read them again, and the Spirit floods your soul with new insight. I had one of those moments the other morning while reading 1 John 1:4:

“We write this to make our joy complete.” 

Now I know, it seems to be nothing of theological value, but let’s think a bit deeper.

You see, God has called me to write. I don’t have a big following. I’m not the best writer. I sometimes don’t even want to do it. But the bottom line is, He said “Write,” so here I am.

He didn’t leave me with just a command to perform a task though. God placed the message in my heart that He wanted me to write, and if I don’t get it out, my soul might burst open, or worse yet, shrivel up and die! That seems a little dramatic I know, but when God calls us to do something, He places a passion, a longing, an indescribable yearning to accomplish that task within our very being that starts off as a small flame then rages like an inferno the more and more you fuel it.

“…to make our joy complete.” 

When I write, or speak or teach a lesson, God fills my heart with gratitude and joy. My passion is to teach His word in any way I can. When I do what God has created me to do, there is an indescribable joy that fills my heart. It’s like God is smiling from the inside and telling me He is proud I was obedient to His call.

Again, it’s not that I am a rock star or even great at anything God has called me too. In fact, it’s not about me or my abilities at all. I am simply being obedient to what He has asked of me.

Simple obedience can bring a spark of joy and blessing back to your soul.

What “makes your joy complete”? What burning passion has He placed within your soul? Most of the time it is that one thing that scares you to death to accomplish, but you can’t get it out of your mind. Are you actively obeying His call? Or have you put it aside to tend to the more urgent and pressing things in life?

It is so easy to become distracted by those things that need our immediate attention. We must push back against the “urgent” and press into the thing that God has called us to, the thing that He created us for.

When you do, your joy will return; your joy will be made complete; and blessings will once again flood your soul.

Share with me! What is your passion? What stops you from pursuing your calling from God? How does it make you feel when you are obeying His call on your life?