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Thank you for reading this week’s Doyle’s Half Dozen. It’s just some of my thoughts on six timely topics.

Let’s get to it!

  1. Wax on Christianity’s ‘demise’

Here’s my regular Trevin Wax feature. This week my favorite blogger wrote “On the Imminent Collapse of Evangelical Christianity.” He discusses a popular conception of doom and gloom for the Christian church.

Many have predicted Christianity will no longer exist. They give projections of 10 years or more or whatever. There are valid reference points. The “Nones” are increasing, as far as religion preferences. Wax points out that “churchgoing Evangelicals” make up 3.7 percent of the world’s population.

I take a lot of this information into proper perspective. First, we know the world continues to be affected by sin. Second, Jesus Himself taught us the majority of the world will find His followers to be detestable. They always have. Third, God is in control, even if the world doesn’t acknowledge Him or His sovereignty.

However, Wax gives some information that would contradict the theory of Christianity’s demise drawing nigh. He said, “Numerically, there are more evangelicals in America today than at any time in our history.”

Also, I like this perspective Wax offers: “As Christians, we’re not called to be optimists or pessimists. We’re called to be a people of hope. It’s hope, not fear, that should motivate a Christian’s action in the world.”

Take heart, my brothers and sisters in Christ, we know how this story ends (John 16:33).

  1. ‘I Can Only Imagine’ a good box office weekend

The movie has been promoted for more than a year. I remember hearing about it late 2016 when the Erwin Brothers were coming to Oklahoma to film their latest movie I Can Only Imagine. The premiere of the movie happens this weekend. I think it’s cool that the film debuts on March 16 – referencing John 3:16.

Check out Michael Foust’s review “’I Can Only Imagine’ is powerful, redemptive and 5 out of 5 stars.” I bet you can’t guess how he feels about the movie before reading it. By the way, Foust reported I Can Only Imagine is No. 1 in ticket sales at He also expects the movie will “shock Hollywood” at the box office this weekend.

  1. Clarity from Keahbone

At the beginning of this week, a Fox News report said Pastor Mike Keahbone of Cherokee Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma City was “banished” from Putnam City High School’s football team. A few friends from different parts of the country shared the story on Facebook.

Keahbone and members of CHBC made up a fan club for the Pirates’ squad, and he was identified as voluntary chaplain of the team. He also admitted that he led prayer times with the high school players, but observances were not a regular practice. It happened before a few games.

I called Mike this week and interviewed him for a follow-up story for the Baptist Messenger. To sum up, he wasn’t banished; church members will still support the team with the fan club; and the church will still make relationships with players and family members in order demonstrate love for them and help them with any needs they may have. The only significant difference will be any future prayer observances with the team will be student-led.

Check out the article in the March 22 Messenger for more details. What Mike and CHBC members are doing with the PC football team is a great thing, and more churches should model this practice in getting involved with their respective communities.

  1. Trying times with teachers

A potential teachers strike may happen in Oklahoma. A lot of people are unhappy. I mean A LOT of people.

Lots of name-calling, lots of memes posted, lots of sharing of videos of students showing up politicians, lots of other critical remarks of politicians, lots of graphs and statistics with money figures and state rankings and images reflecting how horrible it is for Oklahoma teachers.

This is what I’ve seen on Facebook. It was put on there for me to read and view, right?

I am sorry for how teachers feel. I wish it could be better. I don’t have much personal involvement other than I do appreciate the teachers I had during my formal education years. I know teachers make a difference in lives because they did in mine. If you are a teacher, thank you for your calling, and I pray God will use you in a powerful way – even in these difficult times.

  1. A heavy blog to read

I’ve gotten to know Michael McAfee over the past couple of years. He’s a sharp guy who is involved with some cool stuff. He gets to share with people how awesome the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. is. I’ve heard his presentation twice, and I’m raring to visit this place someday.

This week, Michael opened his heart in a blog titled “God, Why Won’t You Fulfill Our Desire For Children?”

God has used Michael and his wife Lauren in many special significant ways. I am confident He will bless them abundantly in the days, months and years ahead.

  1. Salute to St. Patrick’s Day

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. I have grown to appreciate this unique holiday, especially after visiting Ireland last summer. But I would like to challenge you to find out more about St. Patrick and the impact he had on this country. I pray somebody will have a re-impact on Ireland – and on America as well.