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This day turned out to be beautiful. Olive is happy about this. She spent time sunbathing earlier (such a diva!).

Let’s get to this week’s DHD!

  1. Wax on Common Sense

Check out Trevin Wax’s blog this week “A World Without Any Common Sense.” He challenges aspects on debate and dialogue today because in 21st Century America we don’t agree on what is common sense. It’s an excellent point, and a great read.

By the way, I’m glad he pointed out something that has annoyed me for years:

“We use the term ‘reproductive health’ to describe a surgery that halts a healthy reproductive process and ends a new life in the womb.”

I’m not a fan of the term “reproductive rights,” and Wax brings up one of the reasons. Maybe I’ll elaborate on this another day.

  1. Dr. Jordan’s retirement party

I had the privilege of attending the retirement party Thursday night, March 1, for Anthony Jordan, who recently moved out of his formal office this week as the executive director-treasurer of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO). Though this title is never made known, Jordan also served as the publisher of the Baptist Messenger.

He officially retires mid-April, but now Jordan takes on an emeritus role for the next month and a half, as Hance Dilbeck has removed the word “elect” from his current title this week as the BGCO’s new executive director-treasurer.

The party/banquet/Oklahoma Baptist extravaganza was an awesome experience, as many from around the state came to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum for the event. Many important people spoke, including Gov. Mary Fallin, Sen. James Lankford, multiple Southern Baptist dignitaries from across the country via video, plus one special video that, for me, was the highlight of the evening. I’ll cover that in the next topic.

  1. Willa Ruth spoke and is remembered

Two weeks prior to Willa Ruth Garlow’s death, this special Oklahoma Baptist recorded a video talk about Dr. Jordan.  This was a phenomenal presentation. Willa Ruth’s communication talent was par excellence, and it was demonstrated in the way she combined both humor and creative speech as she compared Dr. Jordan to the Jordan River.

And major kudos to Walter Johnson, BGCO videographer superstar, in the way he produced Willa Ruth’s video. It deserves to be nominated for national awards – it is THAT good.

But as I was watching this video (by the way, I was at Jordan’s retirement banquet to take pictures), I sat there in tears the whole time. I miss my friend Willa Ruth. There will never EVER be another like her.

I had the privilege of writing about her in this week’s Messenger, “Remembering Willa Ruth.”

  1. Billy Graham remembered

Billy Graham’s funeral is today. I know it was televised, but I got busy and forgot. I plan to follow up later.

A great video has gone viral this week of Graham singing with Cliff Barrows and George Beverly Shea the song “This Little Light of Mine.” If you haven’t seen it, watch it here.

  1. ESPN highlights Edmond girl basketball player

I was sent a lead this afternoon about a young lady who is a member of Edmond, Oakdale and on the basketball team at Edmond Memorial High School. This is a great story, and I plan to look into this for a future Baptist Messenger article.

Check out Katelyn Levings

  1. Celebrating and Serving Sophia

I mentioned I wrote about a young girl named Sophia who is recovering from a brain stroke. You can read the article here.

Check out this video her dad Stefan did, showing Sophia riding a bicycle at the Bethany Children’s Center:

Also, Putnam City Baptist Church and Cherokee Hills Baptist Church are doing a combined community garage sale for Sophia at Cherokee Hills, 5700 N.W. 63rd, on Saturday, March 3 from 8 a.m.-3 p.m.