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  1. Wax on Christian Sexual Ethic

Trevin Wax did a good job this week explaining how the Sexual Revolution has damaged how Christians view sexuality. Check out “Searching for the Pathway Back to a Christian Sexual Ethic,” and especially focus on the scenario he offers under the subhead “Path of Moral Chaos.” That’s a great summarization of how many Christians have (wrongly) concluded supporting same-sex marriage or defending “self-proclaimed sexual identity” falls in line with loving one’s neighbor.

He also tells how ethicists who defend same-sex marriage on the basis of such relationships being exclusive and consensual can be credible, especially when addressing polyamory. In other words, they aren’t relevant, and the downward spiral continues to destroy their so-called Christian moral outlook. But Wax encourages the church to stay strong and gracious because many Christians will return when they see “the global Christian church is still standing where it always has.”

  1. Mohler takes on all the questions

Al Mohler amazes me. If you’ve never heard him speak, it would be worthwhile. I’m sure I’ve been around people who share a similar level of intelligence as Mohler, but the president of Southern Seminary is one smart cookie. Anybody willing to debate him better be prepared.

Last weekend, I got to watch the video coverage of Mohler speaking at UCLA as part of his “Ask Anything” lecture tour, and I think this could be the most impactful endeavor he has ever done. You can read the BP story about it here, or if you can manage the time to watch the livestream from his UCLA Q&A session, check it out below:


  1. The value of Baptist state ‘niche’ newspapers

I read an encouraging article today, “State papers ‘have a future,’ Tenn. editor says.” Lonnie Wilkey is the editor of the Baptist & Reflector, and he emphasized the importance of state papers among Southern Baptists.

All printed publications, as far as newspapers and magazines, are depleting. Online news sources are an obvious factor. But Wilkey points out that Baptist state papers still have value today because of their “niche” in what they report. Just as Wilkey said if you want to know about Tennessee Baptists you would read his paper, and that would be the same application for Oklahoma Baptists and the Baptist Messenger.

“The news we report today is tomorrow’s history,” Wilkey said, and that’s very true. The preservation of Baptist history relies on state papers, and I consider it an honor to be involve in this preservation.

  1. Is Christian influence on college campuses collapsing?

Baptist Collegiate Ministries appear to be flourishing in Oklahoma. I did a story in Dec. on the BCM at Southwestern Oklahoma State being involved in helping students with food struggles. There’s also Messenger stories of new BCM buildings going up at state schools including the University of Oklahoma.

I got to hear John Wilkerson, the BCM director at Oklahoma State University, speak this week and give a report of how God is blessing BCMs in the state.

However, in other states, there seems to be a struggle in sharing the Gospel message on college campuses. Read how other collegiate Christian ministries are “Under attack.”

  1. Mississippi making major move in abortion ban

Exciting news is brewing in the state of Mississippi. Baptist Press reported the Magnolia State is on the verge of passing the earliest abortion ban in the country. Both Miss. state house and senate passed a bill that “would prohibit abortions after 15 weeks’ gestation,” BP reported. All that is left is for the governor to sign.

This is the way to make a difference in the fight against abortion. Well done, Mississippians!

  1. Spare no excitement

I conclude with sharing a great video. Jonathan Bathe was a student worker during my time working in the Liberty University Sports Information Office. A video he shared of his son (I’m getting old) bowling a spare went viral and also was shared on ESPN. Check it out: