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“You don’t have to be blooming to be growing.”


Take devotional writings, hand lettered Scripture verses, beautiful paintings and creative photography, intertwine them all together and the result is the unique book “Gracelaced.” Published in 2017 by Harvest House Publishers, this beautiful book of 32 devotions is crafted by author, artist, entrepreneur and speaker Ruth Chou Simons. She is scheduled to be a keynote speaker at the 2018 BGCO Women’s Retreat in April.

The first several times I picked up this book, I never read a word. I just kept turning the pages, enjoying the illustrations and Scriptures. I was actually tempted to tear out the pages and frame them. But even better, the artwork corresponds to each devotional writing. With just the right length, the devotions are short enough to fit into a busy schedule but spiritually meaty enough to take away and ponder.  The book is what Simons calls “a visual journey through some of God’s faithful promises.”

Based on four seasons of the heart, Simons weaves these seasons into four sections:

Winter: Resting in God’s Character

Spring: Rehearsing the Truth

Summer: Responding in Faith

Fall: Remembering God’s Provisions

One of my favorite sections is Winter in which Simons writes about “running behind and running on empty”. She focuses in on ceasing to frantically strive and ceasing to live in fear. Readers are beckoned to focus on Jesus’ character and to wait, trust and rest.

This high quality hardbound book includes a textured cover and glossy paper which makes it an extra treat. It makes for a great coffee table book.

This isn’t a book to dive into and knock out in a weekend. It is a book to be savored slowly, letting the beauty and rich devotional thoughts impact your soul. With words that are both comforting and calming, it’s a book that can be read time and time again. “Gracelaced” is designed to be interactive. The book lists Scriptures to “delve deeper” and allows space for journaling and responding to questions for application.

This book and Simon’s prints are a great gift idea for any woman, especially for Mother’s Day or a birthday. The accompanying “Gracelaced Seasons: A Guided Companion” and the “Gracelaced 17 Month Planner” for 2018-2019 are also available.

If you are seeking to “find God’s grace laced through everyday life” this is a must-have!

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