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DHD: Zuckerberg, ‘A Quiet Place,’ Listening Leader, College Choosing, Word Examination, Bentley the Bulldog

DHD: Zuckerberg, ‘A Quiet Place,’ Listening Leader, College Choosing, Word Examination, Bentley the Bulldog



It’s windy! Let’s get to the topics.

  1. Zuckerberg examined

I’ve seen bits and pieces of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg’s time with Congress this week. A good summary is offered by Chris Martin in his blog “Mr. Zukerberg Goes to Washington: 7 observations and thoughts.”

Sen. Ben Sasse is the MVP of the two-day hearing. Check out his question on Martin’s list. He’s number 4. Being a Trey Gowdy fan, I truly wish the former congressman from S.C. was still in office and would have made an appearance during this investigation. Nevertheless, Sasse will have to do for now.

  1. Good review, won’t see the movie

Michael Foust, WordSlinger’s movie reviewer gave an excellent piece on the new release A Quiet Place. I appreciate Michael’s presentation. He has encouraged me to go see some movies I may not have seen otherwise.

A Quiet Place seems intriguing to me, but I don’t do horror flicks, especially not in theaters. I’m too old to be acting like a screaming baby in public.

  1. The right way to choose a college

Michael Lindsay gives great advice to parents and students who are at the time in life to choose a college to attend. Check out “Choosing a College? Beware a Short-sighted View.”

Lindsay’s points are excellent and practical. Christian families should adhere to his suggestions.

“Pray that God will give you eyes to see the institution as he does. By expanding our view of college, we invite the Lord to work on us in ways for our good and his glory.”

  1. Simon speaks Matt. 20:16

I have shared a Simon Sinak’s video previously. He is a profound speaker, though I am not certain of his faith in Christ. However, check out the video below and see how he applies a biblical truth of the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

  1. Moore’s word analogy

WordSlingers blogger Caleb Moore wrote a great piece “Understanding the word ‘Homosexuality’ in the Bible.”

It’s important to seek true meaning of Scripture, and Caleb helps with a challenging issue of today.

  1. A favorite dog video

I confess, I love watching dog videos on Facebook. So far, my most favorite one is of Bentley the bulldog with his quirky fears and flight fascination. I thought I’d end with sharing it:


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