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Thanks for reading my latest edition of Doyle’s Half Dozen. I’ve got a hodge-podge of topics this week. Let’s get to it.

  1. Listening and speaking

James 1:19 is a well-known verse: “Be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to get angry” (NLT). It’s one of those verses that can make you feel guilty or motivate you to improve your people skills.

One of the reasons this verse has been on my mind lately is due to issues among the Southern Baptist circles. People in leadership have made mistakes, poor decisions and said foolish remarks.

It saddens me to hear about these things happening and then to hear or read critics who offer their commentary. Much could be said and has been said. I don’t plan to contribute.

Instead, I’m doing the opposite. This is me commenting about not commenting – at least not through social media. I have had conversations with people, trying to get clarity about things and listening to those whose opinions I respect.

There are times when it can be best not to make declarations in the public forum – mainly Facebook and other social outlets. I think that’s the part of being slow to speak yet quick to listen (or read) that can be helpful.

It has been said that if you don’t speak up about a bad issue then you’re condoning it by being silent. I have a hard time believing that is always the case. Jesus stood in silence before Pilate when charges were brought against Him.

Treat people with respect. Do more listening than speaking. And maybe pray even more than either listening or speaking to people. Who would know more than God, and who values your voice more than He?

  1. More about Mangum

In this week’s Baptist Messenger is my article on Mangum, First. You can also read it here.

That was a fun trip and a long day when I traveled to western Oklahoma. It’s about a three-hour drive from Oklahoma City to Mangum, and my wife Karen and I left near the crack of dawn in order to be at Mangum, First for Sunday morning worship.

Special thanks to Pastor Casey Paxton for meeting with me. I enjoyed interviewing him and getting the story about what God is doing in a church that needed to go through a humbling stint in order for Him to do a great work.

A church that had a reputation of being difficult and critical is now loving people and letting God make Himself known through them. It’s a fun story, and I hope you will take the chance to read it.

  1. SB 1140 is making progress

Oklahoma State Senate Bill 1140 is being known as the “Adoption Bill.” This passed both the Senate, 33-7, and the House, 56-21, and is waiting for Gov. Fallin to sign.

The significance of this bill is it allows private adoption and foster care agencies to observe their religious freedom and moral convictions. This is important and has been misunderstood.

It is important because private Christian adoption and foster care agencies would not be required to have same-sex couples as potential clients. It has been misunderstood because the bill does NOT prevent same-sex couples from adopting, through other adoption agencies.

Those who say they are against the bill because they believe it will prevent children from being adopted should reconsider their viewpoint. If this bill doesn’t pass and Christian adoption agencies are forced to practice against their moral convictions, then there would be FEWER adoption opportunities. Such agencies would have to close which actually happened in the state of Massachusetts.

Again, SB 1140 does NOT prevent adoption. It DOES help Christian agencies remain open.

  1. What moms want for Mother’s Day

I read a fascinating survey. With Mother’s Day happening soon, a survey of 1,135 mothers featured the following result:

What Mom Really Wants on Her Special Day:

  • Spending quality time with the kids (55 percent)
  • Breakfast, lunch and/or dinner (47 percent)
  • Gift card (43 percent)
  • Participating in a family activity (41 percent)
  • Something homemade (37 percent)


Hope this helps if you haven’t already made plans to honor Mom on May 13.

  1. Alcorn’s advice for graduates

One of my all-time favorite DHDs I wrote a couple of years ago. Check out DHD: My Advice for High School and College Graduates.

Randy Alcorn recently offered his advice for upcoming graduates. Check it out here.

  1. Go fourth on May 4

People love celebrating Star Wars Day – May 4, which is today. I think it’s a fun day to commemorate those beloved episodes that happen in a galaxy far, far away.

Let me conclude with another way to observe 5/4 with sharing Matt. 5:4 from the Beatitudes in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount:

“Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted”

Take joy in knowing when you are in a season of sorrow that God offers comfort. Seek Him today!