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It is summertime, and that mean Falls Creek is upon us as Oklahoma Baptists. In case you aren’t familiar, Falls Creek is a summer camp that runs for eight weeks each summer, hosting something like five thousand campers each week.

It has been a staple for the state Baptist convention for the past 101 years and has impacted hundreds of thousands of people. People have gotten saved at Falls Creek, surrendered to the call to ministry, surrendered to the mission field and more at Falls Creek.

It is nationally known as the number one sending place in the United States for people going into the mission field. Falls Creek is not only a fun place that draws thousands of youth each summer (and people of all ages year-round as well), Falls Creek is hallowed ground!

This week, my husband is at Falls Creek leading worship for our church, First Moore Baptist Church. He left this morning, and I miss him already, but his leaving has caused me to reminisce about my time as a camper at Falls Creek, and what role summer camp has played in my life.

So, I thought I would share a few reason why you should either attend summer camp as a student, or serve as a sponsor.

  1. It is important for students to see that they are not alone—there ARE other Christians their age!

One thing I loved about Falls Creek each summer was meeting students from across the state—of all different backgrounds, from all sizes of towns and cities—that were believers like myself and understood what it was like to be a Christ follower at our age.

I was able to bond and form relationships with people whom I would have never met if it weren’t for Falls Creek. I still run into people from time to time that I met at Falls Creek, and it is always a sweet reunion.

  1. A week of being fully emerged in Scripture, away from a familiar environment, is good practice for making your faith your own.

When students are able to remove themselves from their daily routine or other things that might normally deter them from time with the Lord, Falls Creek helps prepare them to make their faith their own and set aside daily time with the Lord.

Through many breakout sessions and time planned in to each day, students can develop Godly habits and learn great tools that will help them on the journey to making their faith truly their own, rather than something someone makes them do on a Sunday morning.

  1. Falls Creek is fun!

I have incredible memories as a camper and a sponsor. Truly, a good time is had by all! I will admit, these days I can’t quite hang, energy-wise, like I used to be able as a camper, but I still enjoy myself immensely each time I set foot on those grounds. From the evening Tabernacle services to the recreation time—whether spent playing volleyball or swimming in Baptist Lake—I fondly look back on the days I have spent at Falls Creek.

I fully recommend if you didn’t have the chance to attend Falls Creek as a camper, to serve a church and attend as a sponsor. There is a whole list of other things that I enjoy as a sponsor now that differ from the things I enjoyed as a camper. There is spiritual growth and so much opportunity for discipleship.

So, get out there, pack your bedding and your sunscreen. Prepare for that southern Oklahoma heat and little sleep, but also prepare to have God change your lives and others. Falls Creek is a great place, and I’m praying for another successful summer at one of my favorites places for all that attend!