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Thanks for reading this week’s DHD. I comment on six more timely topics. Here we go!


  1. Vote next Tuesday, June 26

The Oklahoma primary is next Tuesday, June 26.  Please plan to vote this day. There are many important elections to consider. I’d be happy to discuss with you individually about the candidates who will be getting my vote.

As far as State Question 788, I’ll declare publilcy, because of the moral implications. I plan to vote “No.” SQ788 involves legalizing marijuana under the guise that it only relates to medical aspects. This is a dangerous slope.

I have friends who have said they are voting “Yes” on SQ788 because they believe this will provide medical benefits. But the language of SQ788 is just too vague or inconsistent, allowing for future threats of legalizing recreational marijuana.

Other states have gone down this road and have paid dearly. Colorado has seen numerous social hazards since legalizing marijuana use in 2014, including increasing unemployment, crime rate and car wrecks. USA Today reported Colorado experienced a 145 percent increase in “fatal crashes involving marijuana-impaired drivers” between the years 2013 and 2016. This article also reported Colorado has seen an increase of youth marijuana use, emergency room visits and mental health problems.

I haven’t heard one person I respect who holds a leadership position say they support SQ788. Many reject it, including those in the business ranks, medical field, elected officials and among faith leaders.

Oklahoma friends, please remember to vote Tuesday, June 26, and I encourage you to vote “No” on SQ788.

  1. Current SBC status

Check out Ryan Smith’s recent blog “What’s Changing Between Southern Baptists and America?”

This is an objective piece that helps the reader evaluate what is happening among many Southern Baptists’ viewpoints as American citizens. Should we look at America as Israel (a nation blessed by God) or as Babylon (a place of exile for Christians)?

Ryan helps those of either viewpoint, especially among Southern Baptists, have a kinder understanding of the other.

  1. Having a prayer-minded home

Jennifer Griffin’s website “Dimples and Tangles” offers a lot of home décor ideas. This week she offered suggestions of how to make a home have a more appealing atmosphere toward prayer.

This, of course, would be more favorable for women to read, but I applaud the intention and the encouragement to be more prayer-minded in the home.

  1. Mohler on why language matters

Albert Mohler is an amazing man, a great Christian leader. Among SBC influencers, I say he ranks at the top.

Are you familiar with Mohler’s daily podcast “The Briefing”? You should be. I need to listen to him more frequently. I learn so much from his talks. I would compare him to a modern-day Paul Harvey with an even more in-depth Christian worldview.

Check out today’s edition of “The Briefing,” and scroll down to just the segment about why language matters in the discussion of same-sex attraction and sexual desire.

Mohler states, “…as we try our best to think compassionately and clearly about these issues, I think we have to turn to a text such as First Corinthians chapter 6, verse 11, where Paul writes: ‘And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.’”

This is excellent content when having respected discussions about those who identify as “Gay Christians.” Mohler emphasizes the past tense very well, “And such were some of you..”

  1. Esther study

I have to be brief as I conclude this week’s DHD. I’ll explain in the final topic.

But I want to encourage you to read Mike Cosper’s piece “The Esther Option.” He helped me see this Old Testament story in a new way. I’d love to discuss with you about it. If you do read it, share with me your comments.

  1. Heading to the Creek

It’s 3:55 p.m., and I need to pick up Karen at her workplace at 4:30, which means I’ve got to hurry.

We’re going to one of my happy places – Falls Creek. The youth group at my church is down there this week, including my brother (sponsor) and my niece and nephew.

Lots of great things are happening at Falls Creek this summer. With the third week of youth camp concluding, more than 1,700 students have made spiritual decisions, including 742 professions of faith in Christ.

In next week’s Baptist Messenger, Emily Howsden shares about some specific decisions and outcomes that happened during weeks two and three at Falls Creek.

It is now 4 p.m. I’m signing off!