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It’s hot! Hopefully you are in a cool place while you read this week’s edition of Doyle’s Half Dozen.

Let’s get to it!


  1. Sons shines at Falls Creek

I mentioned last week that I was going to be spending time at Falls Creek this week. Even when it’s ridiculously hot, Falls Creek is always an awesome experience.

I was down there Monday and Tuesday this week to interview the camp speaker, David Sons. This is David’s first time to speak at Falls Creek, but after the talk I’ve heard about David and how he is a great preacher, especially with middle school, high school and college students, I am even more convinced he will return to speak at the Creek

I got to tag along with David and watch him connect with campers and sponsors down at the rec fields. David is a natural conversationalist, and it was fun to watch the group dynamic, which proved my point that Oklahomans, for the most part, are the friendliest people.

This was a Tuesday afternoon, after David spoke for the first time the previous night. He said in the Monday service that he was from South Carolina, and out of the approximately 5,500 people at Falls Creek, it was safe to say he was the only South Carolinian.

On three separate occasions at the rec fields, David would start talking to somebody. After a few minutes, he would ask them where they were from. After they would tell him, they would ask David where he’s from. After he said “South Carolina,” the camper would get big-eyed and say “Are you the camp speaker?!” It was fun to watch how they laugh with excitement.

It also happened when David talked to a group of sponsors. They just thought he was a friendly guy and had no idea exactly who he was. But it was fun to see their expressions when they realized he’s the camp speaker.

My story “Sons fits in like family at Falls Creek” will run in the July 26 Baptist Messenger. Also, visit and hear David speak for yourself.

  1. Still affirming VBS

I mentioned last week about writing an article about a senior adult version of Vacation Bible School. It’s now readable online. Check out “Seniors say ‘yes’ to VBS.”

I appreciate Walter Mullican, pastor of Oklahoma City, Portland Avenue, giving me a shout-out on Facebook when he shared the article. Response to the article has been positive with 51 likes and 16 shares on Facebook.

  1. Thunder thoughts

Carmelo Anthony is no longer a Thunder. That’s not a big surprise, but it is impressive how the Thunder was able to move him. Instead of buying out Anthony’s near $28m contract, they worked out a trade with the Atlanta Hawks and the Philadelphia 76ers.

OKC gets Dennis Schroder and Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot (that will be a fun name to write in the scorebook). Atlanta gets Melo and the Thunder’s 2022 protected 1st round draft pick, as well as Justin Anderson. Sixers get Mike Muscala.

If you want the best analogy of this transaction, read Jon Hamm’s take. My favorite comment from this article: “…Presti (Thunder GM) left the salvage yard with a brand-new engine.”

Hamm may have some Thunder bias, but he always gives a fair perspective.

I’m indifferent about the trade at this point. Schroder seems like he could be trouble or he might be a help off the bench. I don’t know anything about TLC. Apparently the Thunder are not too concerned about their supply of draft picks, since it keeps dwindling.

And it’s possible (maybe even likely?) the Thunder is not done with offseason moves. Inquiring minds want to know if Kyle Singler will be around when the season starts.

  1. A modern take (need) on (for) Ecclesiastes

I enjoyed reading Kevin Halloran’s article “Why Our Secular Age Needs Ecclesiastes.”

He brings up many current event examples and quotes various celebrities to prove why Solomon’s writings near the end of his life thousands of years ago are relevant today. Halloran also quotes someone who said, in jest, that Ecclesiastes is “the only Book of the Bible written on Monday morning.”

If you’ve never done a Bible study on Ecclesiastes, you should. I recommend Tommy Nelson’s study “A Life Well Lived: A Study of the Book of Ecclesiastes.”

  1. Responding to ‘The Little Red Hen’ critique

The Gospel Coalition’s Jared Wilson wrote an article last month that I thought was a bit off base. In his piece “That Little Red Hen Was a Pharisee,” Wilson claims the folk tale speaks against the practice of grace and promotes legalism.

A verse that first came to mind is 2 Thess. 3:10, “…If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat,” in response to Wilson. I didn’t think much after that.

However, this week I read Justin Dillehay’s “In Defense of the Little Red Hen: A Friendly Response to Jared Wilson.” He did more than read my mind a month ago. He gave a very detailed argument, supporting the fabled poultry of persistence.

It’s one thing to demonstrate grace. It’s another to enable sinful behavior.

  1. Dabo does it again

I conclude with sharing Clemson head football coach Dabo Swinney responding to a reporter at the ACC Football Media Day who ask Swinney what his faith meant to him: