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The woman was crazy. Anyone looking at her would think she had lost her mind! She was embarrassing herself! Why doesn’t she get a hold of herself?

She was a Canaanite woman. She was a mom whose young daughter was demon possessed. Her story is told in the book of Matthew. She describes her daughter as suffering greatly. From the crazy behavior she is displaying, we can assume she tried everything in her means to help her daughter. So what does she do? She goes against everything that is politically correct and culturally appropriate and approaches the One whom she knows can help.

She falls at His feet, cries out to Jesus and begs for mercy only to be met by the most unexpected and uncharacteristic response from Jesus. He does not answer. But Jesus always answers, doesn’t He? She was so annoying even the disciples urged Jesus to tell her to leave. So, she asks again only to be told by Him that He would not help her, that it would not be right to help her. But Jesus always helps, doesn’t He?

Only a crazy mom would do what she did next. In what seems like she is talking back and questioning His decision, she asks yet again. “Lord, help me!” Finally, Jesus responds, “Woman, you have great faith. Your request is granted.” The crazy mom’s daughter was healed that very hour.

Perhaps Jesus was testing her. Perhaps He was using the situation as an opportunity to teach other lessons. He was not rejecting her but teaching that faith is available to all people. Great faith.

Our crazy mom displayed great faith by showing:

~ Desperation– She is not concerned about what’s appropriate. She doesn’t care if her makeup is messed up from her tears anymore. Her desperation cuts through pride and brings forth humility. Yet, even in this desperate state, she does not sin. She is still wise and exercises self-control.

 ~ Persistence– In the midst of being turned away by Jesus and the disciples, she asks three times. She is willing to be considered an interruption. She is willing to eat the crumbs off the floor. Willing to be seen as crazy.

Great faith pleases God. Great faith gets results.

The dictionary defines the informal form of the word “crazy” as intensely anxious or eager; impatient. If one of our children was demon possessed, would we be any less crazy than this woman? Of course not. But for many moms, the most difficult of life’s circumstances make us crazy.  Our child’s age? Doesn’t matter. Situation? Doesn’t matter. Appears hopeless? Doesn’t matter.

Are you a crazy mom? Grandmother? Aunt?  Don’t depend on your own plans and ability. Fall at Jesus’ feet, cry out to Him and beg for mercy. Pray with desperation and persistence. Keep asking, seeking and knocking. May Jesus say to you, “Woman, you have great faith. Your request is granted.”