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Here’s another edition of my thoughts on six timely topics. Thanks for reading!

  1. Bad sound from Cornett

The runoff for the Republican candidate in the gubernatorial race in Oklahoma has gotten negative. I am disappointed it has made such a turn. However, Mick Cornett made a move that could have lost my vote. He accused his opponent Kevin Stitt of making false accusations.

Cornett may have a point. However, his campaign group released a horrible ad to counter Stitt, using Stitt’s name in a form of profanity. Maybe his team thought it was clever, but it has caused me to seriously reconsider who will receive my vote.

Cornett’s crew should heed what happened to Steve Largent in the 2002 race for Oklahoma Governor. Largent used a similar vulgar term that played a major part in the NFL Hall-of-Famer losing the election.

  1. Christian baker back in the courts

Jack Phillips is being harassed by an LGBTQ supporter. The Colorado Christian baker who won the U.S. Supreme Court case involving religious rights continues to be targeted.

The best summary on this issue is given by Al Mohler in his Thursday, Aug. 16, edition of The Briefing. Also, check out David French’s article which gives a great summation.

This is an extreme case of bitter foolishness. Phillips is just a local baker whose business does nothing to hinder anyone’s lifestyle or viewpoint, and the requested orders he is receiving from this LBGTQ advocating lawyer are extremely ridiculous with offensive intentions.

I pray God will intervene and Phillips will receive His grace and mercy through this ongoing ordeal.

  1. Gospel Coalition promotes BCE?

I frequently search The Gospel Coalition’s website. It’s a good source for DHD content. Usually I find the articles encouraging and definitely provide biblically-based perspectives.

However, I was rather disappointed to read Ryan Reeves’ article “What Is The Septuagint?” Overall, it’s a solid piece, and I think it’s great that Christians be familiar with the Greek translation of the Old Testament.

However, beginning in the fifth paragraph, Reeves uses the term “B.C.E.” which stands for “Before Common Era.” This is a modern secular term used in place of “B.C.” – “Before Christ” – in order to disregard Christianity as a reference for time and era.

I sent an inquiry to the editorial board of The Gospel Coalition to see what they make of Reeves’ use of a term that disregards Jesus Christ, which is ironic since he intends to educate Christians.

Be looking in future DHDs to see if I get a response. I will be sure to share once received.

  1. Waxing forms of Bible engagement

Trevin Wax gives a great evaluation on Bible apps in his article “When the Bible Becomes an App.”

Wax is objective in presenting his view on using printed forms of the Bible over electronic sources. I appreciate how he has determined to use both forms of God’s Word.

He also asks a powerful question regarding the use of Bible apps: “How will our view of the Bible change if our primary encounter with it is on the same device from which we exert so much control and manipulation of our self-image?”


  1. A humble example of Gospel witness

I came across a great illustration of Kingdom impact:

“Watchman Nee tells about a Chinese Christian who owned a rice paddy next to one owned by a communist man. The Christian irrigated his paddy by pumping water out of a canal, using one of those leg-operated pumps that make the user appear to be seated on a bicycle. Every day, after the Christian had pumped enough water to fill his field, the communist would come out, remove some boards that kept the water in the Christian’s field and let all the water flow down into his own field. That way, he didn’t have to pump.

“This continued day after day. Finally, the Christian prayed, “Lord, if this keeps up, I’m going to lose all my rice, maybe even my field. I’ve got a family to care for. What can I do?”

“In answer to his request, the Lord put a thought in his mind. So, the next morning he arose much earlier, in the predawn hours of darkness, and started pumping water into the field of his communist neighbor. Then he replaced the boards and pumped water into his own rice paddy. In a few weeks both fields of rice were doing well—and the communist was converted.”

Dear Christian brother or sister, I hope this example challenged you as it did me from the standpoint that our actions and behavior toward neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances can make a major impact. Join me in considering how to make the “extra effort” in reaching lost people in our lives.

  1. Starting a new class!

I’m excited about a new opportunity that I have this Sunday, Aug. 19. I’m starting a new Sunday School class (or at our church, “Connection Class”) for single adults in their 30s-50s.

Basically, I’m going back to my original teaching on Sunday mornings. I started a class in 2004 for single adults at a time when my church did not offer anything for people in this life stage. I’ll never forget that January Sunday morning. I expected about three to show. There were 10 people in that first class.

The class continued to grow to the point that, in nine months, we became two classes. There were even more exciting results over the next 10-plus years that are too numerous to mention. This experience led me to end my 13-year career in college athletics and pursue a more ministry-focused career, which resulted in my current profession as managing editor of the Baptist Messenger.

I can’t say this new class will have the same drastic change in my life, but I’m excited to see what God will do.