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Last week I wrote about being brave in hopes of encouraging all those who laid eyes on my blog. I was in turn encouraged by many people, not only to be brave, but I was encouraged by how many people chose to actually read my blog!

Every time someone other than my family mentions reading my blog, I’m honored. Why? Because I know you don’t have to take time out of your day to read my thoughts, but I appreciate when you do.

On to my point—last week I had a friend and reader of Millennial Monday message me on Facebook and recommend a passage of Scripture as today’s Millennial Monday topic, SO of course I will happily oblige!

This friend asked me to write about Psalm 69:5-6. I will preface with the fact that I am no expert on Scripture, but I will gladly share how the Lord uses this passage of Scripture to convict, motivate and encourage me today.

Before you continue, I recommend you read Psalm 69. It’s not a long chapter, but this blog will make much more sense if you know the Scripture in which I will reference.

Verses 5 and 6 say:

(v. 5) “God, you know my foolishness, and my guilty acts are not hidden from you” (HCSB).

(v. 6) “Do not let those who put their hope in you be disgraced because of me, Lord GOD of Hosts; do not let those who seek you be humiliated because of me, God of Israel” (HCSB).

Let me just start with verse 5. Of course, David knows that God knows all that he does, so why would he state the obvious like he did?

IF I WERE DAVID, I would state the obvious because acknowledging God’s omnipotence helps me come into His presence with the proper fear, reverence, state-of-mind if you will. Nothing we do is outside of the knowledge of God, so coming to Him, hat in our hands, is common sense in my book.

Next, verse 6. This verse really stood out to me in this passage of scripture. It shows selfless love for David’s fellow man.

In the midst of his suffering, ridicule and as a part of his “plea for rescue,” David holds others in high regard. He pleads with the Lord that his wrong doings don’t affect how others see the Gospel.

When we sin, do we consider how it will affect others’ opinion of God? Do we consider how it will affect how others see Jesus (or don’t see Jesus) in us?

As Christ followers, we are ambassadors for Him. We represent Him in everything we do—not just everything we do on Sundays, or only in the good things we do. All things we do should point back to the cross and God’s sacrifice for all of mankind.

So many of the problems we have today could be fixed if we would first, like David, hold others in higher regard than ourselves. This is a concept for which I have found an entirely different appreciation since becoming a mom.

Silas’ needs come before my own, plain and simple. If he is hungry and I am hungry, I will always feed him first. I drop whatever I am doing to tend to him and make sure he has what he needs. I consider his needs before my own every time.

On a much greater level, the Lord did this for us a Christians. In return, we are to make His Word known and be representatives of the love he laid down for us on the cross.

We are to flee from sin and not let our actions disgrace His name. It is our responsibility to flee from humiliating any Christ follower if they were to be associated with us.

Finally, toward the end of this psalm, David praises the Lord in the midst of his trails and suffering. I challenge you, my friends, to consider David and his actions in this passage of Scripture.

First, let’s make a habit of coming to God in reverence and awe of who He is. I personally don’t acknowledge often enough all that He is. This is a good practice to keep our minds fixed on Him.

Second, think before you act or speak this week. Think about how your actions directly reflect on all Christians before you get into an argument on Facebook or lose your temper in afternoon traffic. Don’t let those who seek Him be humiliated because of your actions.

Lastly, praise Him always. In good times and in bad times, find reasons to praise Him. Praise Him for all that He has done for you, and praise Him without ceasing.

Of course, I say these things to you and in the same breath say them to myself, challenging myself to be a better Christ follower every day. As always, thank you for reading!