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Weather is changing. I guess fall weather finally made its arrival.

Speaking of weather, though I didn’t plan to DHD about Hurricane Michael and those affected, I pray God will be over the Florida panhandle and nearby areas. I read that at least 50 Southern Baptist church buildings were damaged or even destroyed.

Here’s my take on six timely topics. Thank you for reading!

  1. Stooped out

Oklahoma went through a heavy week after the Sooners lost to Texas last Saturday. I was disappointed while watching the game, but there was something about OU making a valiant comeback attempt in the fourth quarter that made me feel less freaked or bummed. I know I’m in the minority – if not a solo act.

On the following night, news leaked that Defensive Coordinator Mike Stoops was fired with official news happening Monday morning. So much has been said and written. Many fans are thrilled while others are stunned Stoops was fired mid-season.

I’ve never been a coach, but I worked with a bunch of coaches during my 13 years working in the college sports information field. I never have been one to cry out to fire a coach of a team I support.

That’s not to say I never thought a coach should be fired or would eventually be on his or her way out, seeing the proverbial “writing on the wall” and knowing it’s just not working. I guess I realize the limitations of being a fan and not knowing all of the details that cause a team to struggle.

All of this to say, what happened to Mike Stoops is unfortunate. It also makes me wonder if Lincoln Riley had considered this scenario going into the season, especially since he promoted two coaches he personally brought on the staff – Ruffin McNeill and Bob Diaco – soon after dismissing Stoops.

People have been calling for Stoops to be fired even before Riley was named head coach. I don’t believe Riley made this decision to quiet the critics, but having on his staff the brother of the man who made it possible for Riley to be OU’s head football coach can make for an uncomfortable arrangement.

It appears Riley and Stoops made the best of it last season and even to this point of this season. I think they both are sincere when they say they are friends and gave comments of respect for each other. But with everybody in the country realizing the Sooners’ defense has been struggling mightily and then OU losing to its biggest rival in a game the Sooners were favored and should have won, a change had to happen.

I don’t know what’s going to happen for OU the rest of this season. But I do know that Lincoln Riley is an impressive coach, and I believe his reign at OU has barely begun. The future is bright for the Sooners with Riley at the helm.

  1. Thunder stuff

If you’re a Thunder fan, check out Sports Illustrated’s article that shares analysis from an unknown NBA scout. Much of what the scout says is fair and accurate. The Thunder did struggle after Andre Roberson went down. Shedding Carmelo Anthony could be “addition by subtraction.”

The season starts next week, and I’m as excited about this squad as I ever am. Yes, they don’t start full strength. Russell Westbrook, more than likely, will miss the season opener. Roberson doesn’t appear to be ready to return until late December-early January.

But I like the make-up of this squad compared to last year’s. I don’t mean to bash Melo, but I was skeptical from the get-go when he signed two days before last year’s preseason camp. Fortunately, he left on respectable terms.

There appears to be no bad blood, and plus, Melo made it possible for the Thunder to pick up Dennis Schroder. At first, I wasn’t too excited about getting Schroder, but after watching him play with the Thunder, I think this will be a big boost.

Obviously we know Russ, Paul George and Steven Adams will be the biggest parts of how the season goes. But I also like Patrick Patterson in the starting lineup and the role Jerami Grant will play. The bench will be better with Schroder and Grant, as well as Alex Abrines improving and Nerles Noel playing back-up center.

The player I’m raving about the most is Hamidou Diallo. This rookie could become a major factor this season. He is far more advanced than I anticipated. Experts said he would be a raw talent project who could help in seasons to come. Considering he went in the second round, it would be easy to believe this projection. But he’s already there defensively, and his shooting in the preseason caused me to be convinced he’s an unexpected spark. We will see.

  1. Gosnell’ getting good grades

Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer starts this weekend, and many are giving the film positive reviews. WordSlingers entertainment writer Michael Foust is one of them. Check out his review here.

I will be curious to see what the national public says about the movie. Abortion supporters are powerful people, such as Planned Parenthood, and will not like what Gosnell portrays in light of their wealthy industry of killing the unborn.

  1. Climate change controversy

Check out Baptist Press’ story “U.N. climate change report countered by ‘real data’”.

The United Nations gave a ridiculous assessment, calling for “unprecedented changes,” but BP’s David Roach gave a thorough rebuttal in his article with comments from Christian environmentalist John Christy and Albert Mohler, president of Southern Seminary.

“When you’ve lived in a place like Africa, you know that life without energy is brutal and short,” Christy said. “The drive you should have if you have a moral sense about yourself is that you would want to provide energy for people who don’t have it, because energy is a key factor in creating a longer and better life for the billion poor people who don’t even have electricity.”

“The people who came up with this report and the people who are reporting about the report are flying on airplanes, and they are driving in cars, and they are using all the artifacts,” Mohler replied on his Tuesday, Oct. 9 edition of The Briefing.

I trust men like Christy and Mohler much more than anybody who represents this U.N. report or anybody who lives counter opposite their own alarmist approach to the world’s environment.

  1. Mohler’s 25 years at Southern celebrated

Now that I’ve introduced Mohler, let’s discuss his recent achievement. This week, Southern Seminary celebrated the 25th anniversary of Mohler’s service as president. Here’s a great video recapping how Mohler came to Southern and what he experienced as Southern’s president:

  1. Brunson breaks free

I found out this morning that American pastor Andrew Brunson has been released from prison in Turkey, after serving a ridiculous two-year sentence.

Baptist Press reported this great news.

I rejoice with many who praise this answer to prayer.