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I’m back covering a wide array of topics. Thank you for taking time to read this week’s Doyle’s Half Dozen.

  1. Former NFL player now a church planter

Eddie Miller played five years as a fullback for the Cleveland Browns. He now is a church planter in San Francisco. Check out “Why I left the NFL to plant a church.”

This is a great read. I was impressed with Eddie’s story, especially how he was involved in church plants wherever he was playing. And then to hear him describe his experience about overcoming comfort to plant a church was challenging and encouraging.

Church planting is growing. The Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma is very much involved in training and supporting church planters. Check out the BGCO’s church planting page.

  1. Recalling DHD’s Christmas lists

Two years ago I did a DHD series with a Christmas theme. For the next few week’s I’ve decided to reminisce about those lists. Check out “Six Underrated Characters of Popular Christmas Shows.”

  1. Loving The Briefing

All of Al Mohler’s topics in today’s edition of The Briefing are excellent. I loved the analogy of celebrities politicking for candidates, concerns of current media consumption trends, lack of conservative late night hosts and the reporting on an odd new show “God Friended Me.”

It’s worth the 25 minutes of listening.

  1. Stetzer on missionary’s death

News broke last week about the death of John Chau, a missionary who was killed by natives of an Indian island. The best perspective of this tragedy is offered by Ed Stetzer, and I encourage you to read his “story on his story” on the Christianity Today website.

I have no position to criticize, but I pray that God will intervene and make Himself known through the attempt Chau made to share the Gospel with these people.

  1. ERLC lists State Southern Baptist Resolutions

I appreciate the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission featuring a list of resolutions that were presented at the annual meetings of different Southern Baptist state conventions. You can read the list here.

Resolutions don’t have any legal or binding power, but I find them interesting to read and to understand what we as Southern Baptists hold as important viewpoints with today’s society. One of the resolutions that passed at the recent BGCO annual meeting got major responses around the state. The resolution addressed recreational marijuana and drug abuse, encouraging Oklahomans to oppose legalizing recreational marijuana and to pray and support those dealing with drug abuse.

Many responded to this resolution that also reached national attention. Other state conventions also approved resolutions against marijuana.

  1. District 5 take note

I watched a video put out by the New York Times about the Oklahoma City metro is turning blue – meaning becoming more favorable to the Democratic Party platform and electing Democrats in public office. This video has some “eye-opening” elements, but I want to be sure that I don’t come across as angry or disgusted. Rather, I consider it informative of the area in which I live.