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Merry Christmas! I’m so thankful and thrilled the day is finally here. The day in which we officially celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who came to seek and save lost sinners like you and me.

I know many people who grow frustrated at Christmas, because we focus on too many other things besides the actual birth of Jesus.

I cannot help be reminded of another group of people who grow frustrated about something else birth related. I’m talking about people who grow frustrated at pro-life Christians who focus, in their opinion, solely on protecting life in the womb, but not showing enough concern for children after the birth happens.

“Pro-lifers are just pro-birth,” I read someone say online.

About that perspective, I get that. I don’t agree that’s the case as often as critics say. But it is true that our Christian convictions about the sanctity of human life apply to all of life, from womb to tomb.

That means Christians must do everything we can to help vulnerable people from every walk of life. This includes, of course, the unborn who face an abortion culture of death that seeks to kill and destroy (much like Herod tried to kill Baby Jesus). But it also extends to caring for the poor, the sick, foster children, the homeless, refugees, immigrants, the disabled, the elderly and others.

If you look at the life of Jesus Christ, He had compassion on people during their suffering. In fact, He saw brokenness as opportunity to share His love, grace and healing with them (Matt. 9:36).

As we move from Christmas to a New Year, each of us in the pro-life camp should look for ways to care about the people God has placed around us; those who are in the womb and those who are born.

By caring for the least of these, we not only obey the commands of the One who came that first Christmas, but we also are serving Jesus Himself (Matt. 25:40-45).