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For my final DHD of 2018, I thought I would feature six Bible verses that I studied and committed to memory. This was part of a group study I did about seven years ago. Many in the group are good friends, and it was a great experience of taking time to go over Bible verses in a topical memory system.

If you’ve considered getting involved in memorizing Scripture, I recommend this process that was developed by Leroy Eims, one of the longtime leaders in the discipleship ministry known as The Navigators. Here’s a link to the Topical Memory System.

What I am actually featuring is my own paraphrase to these verses. One of the components to the study is writing the verse in your own words. It will help you grow in your understanding of the verse. What you may want to do is check out the verse in your Bible, if you’re not familiar with the verse, and see if you come to a similar conclusion that I did.

Thanks again for taking time to read Doyle’s Half Dozen this year. May 2019 be a time of growth and encouragement, not only for yourself but through the influence you offer others.

  1. 1 Corinthians 2:12

What we should realize is we have the Holy Spirit, not the world’s spirit, and that is how we can understand and appreciate the things God gives us with no cost.

  1. 2 Corinthians 5:17

We are not the same when we are united with Christ. The characteristics of our former life are gone, and we take on new characteristics.

  1. Isaiah 41:10

God is constantly aware of your conditions, so there is no need to be afraid or worried about what is around you. He said He will definitely give you the strength you need and help when you need it, and you will be victorious in the battles you experience.

  1. John 14:21

If you love Christ then prove it by following the instructions He gave you. In return, God the Father will love you, and so will Christ who will give you an even greater understanding of who He is.

  1. Joshua 1:8

The Bible should be a part of your regular communication, and in order for that to happen, you need to intentionally focus on the Bible throughout the day. Then it will almost be second nature for you to apply what the Bible says to your life, and you will make good decisions and be successful.

  1. Romans 12:1

Please understand that, because of God’s mercy shown to you, I encourage you to live in such a way that would please Him, and not please yourself. This is just a practical way to demonstrate a lifestyle of worship to God.