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It’s now February, can you believe it? We woke up this morning, and all of a sudden, it’s the second month of the year.

February is a busy month. This week’s DHD covers a lot that will happen this month, as well as what has already happened.

Let’s get to it!

1. Racial Reconciliation Sunday

February is known for many monikers. One in particular that is greatly emphasized is “Black History Month.”

Among Southern Baptists, a particular Sunday in February is set apart every year to recognize and encourage racial reconciliation. This year, Feb. 10 is Racial Reconciliation Sunday. I hope your church is participating.

Would you like some suggestions on how to observe this significant day? My friend Chris Forbes offers some resources in his article “Resources help Baptists continue to seek racial reconciliation.” Chris was involved in the production of a video I shared in last week’s DHD titled “Building Bridges.” The video is one of his suggestions, which is about four-and-a-half-minutes long. It’s a powerful yet simple dialogue involving pastors in the Oklahoma City area.

2. Walker’s cell phone tips for kids

Walker Moore is a regular columnist for the Baptist Messenger and has been sharing his humor and spiritual insight for many years. Walker also told me in the past he is a regular reader of DHD (Walker, if you’re reading this, thanks for your encouragement and dedication!).

I could share a multitude of Walker’s write-ups (or maybe cut-ups?). Many Thursday mornings have occurred when the Messenger editorial staff is back at the editing board proofing pages and random laughter will break the silence. It doesn’t catch anybody by surprise, though, because we know the laughter is the result of reading Walker’s column.

This week, Walker gave some guidance to parents involving children and cell phones. He adds his humor, but he also is straightforward about the current issues kids are experiencing today with cell phones. His suggestions should be taken seriously.

Check out Walker’s column: “Rite of passage: Taming the cell phone beast.”

3. Abortions continue

Last week, the big news was the New York abortion law. This week, Virginia makes news involving its governor and a state delegate supporting abortion up until birth and beyond, leading to the conclusion of performing infanticide.

This is scary, horrible stuff. I’m blown away by how someone could be that insensitive to performing such a horrible, cruel, torturous act on a human life. Fortunately, Virginia’s state congress did not pass this bill proposing third trimester no limit abortion, but it concerns me that there are influential people in government positions who think this way.

I recommend listening to Al Mohler’s Thursday’s edition of The Briefing, or reading the transcript. Dr. Mohler is pretty aggressive when talking about the two Virginia lawmakers in question. He even calls Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam a liar, which is unusual for Mohler to be so pointed when talking about someone.

4. Another Rose Day promo

I mentioned last week about Rose Day. I think this is such an important event that I’m mentioning it again. On Wed., Feb. 6, supporters of the Sanctity of Life are encouraged to come to the Oklahoma State Capitol from 9:30-11 a.m. and distribute red roses to government leaders, including the Governor, Lt. Governor, state senators and state representatives.

Then a rally will begin at 11:30 a.m. in the House Chambers, featuring great speakers for life. Newly-elected Governor Kevin Stitt will be among the speakers.

There are many new members of state congress this year, and it would be a great encouragement to have them see how many of their constituents hold strongly the values of life and how they need to support legislature that involves promoting and securing Sanctity of Life.

For more information on Rose Day, visit this site.

5. Super Bowl stuff

I am not as interested in this year’s Super Bowl. I would have been more interested had the Kansas City Chiefs made it, or if it were a New Orleans Saints-New England Patriots matchup because I would find a Drew Brees-Tom Brady battle intriguing.

However I am encouraged with the many stories of players participating in the Super Bowl sharing their faith.

Baptist Press reports on Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Brandin Cooks sharing his faith and how he became a Christian when he was in college. BP also shared a story on Patriots player Matthew Slater whose father Jackie Slater is a former Rams offensive lineman and a member of the Football Hall of Fame. Both father and son have made professions of faith in Christ, and BP reports on Jackie leading Matthew to the Lord when Matthew was 7.

Also, check out the BP story on a ministry called “4Sarah,” which is an anti-human trafficking organization that sets up shop every year in the city that hosts the Super Bowl. And the article talks about other ministries that work during the Super Bowl to help those affected by human trafficking.

6. Movie moments depicting grace

If you’re not interested in the watching the Super Bowl this year, maybe you’d rather take in a movie. First, I recommend a couple of movie reviews offered by WordSlingers entertainment writer Michael Foust. This week, Michael critiques Academy Award nominee Green Book and a Christian-themed film The Least of These.

Also, consider movies mentioned in Brett McCracken’s article “9 Movie Moments of Unmerited Grace.” I haven’t seen all of the movies that McCracken promotes, but I appreciate his intention of showing how Jesus and His amazing grace are depicted on the silver screen.

“These scenes, even if they don’t depict Jesus explicitly, often remind us of the beauty, the heroism, the unearned gift of our divine Rescuer,” McCracken wrote.

See how many of the nine movies you have seen and if you agree with McCracken conclusions.