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This topic has been swirling around in my head since I heard the news of the state of New York legalizing late-term abortions.

Grief was the first thing I felt.

Grief. Not only for the innocent lives that will be taken, but grief, also, for the mother who feels like abortion is her only option.

I will admit, another feeling I felt was anger. How could anyone be so selfish? How could they think their life is more important than the life of another human being? Their body has worked HARD to create life, and they feel justified ending that life? It makes no sense.

And then again, grief struck. For the mom that will never feel the joy of holding her baby for the first time. For the family that won’t be able to enjoy their newest member, in their sparkling and glowing newborn wonder.

Grief. Grief for the mom that will never see the eyes of their little one and marvel at the fact that, not long ago, that baby was inside her womb, growing and becoming the tiny human that will on some days only want their mommy. While those days can be hard, I can assure you any mom who has felt the bond of motherhood with her child, will surely tell you it is worth the struggle, and while it is hard, it’s also entirely rewarding to be the only thing that can make their child feel better.

Grief. For the poor, sweet, innocent baby that won’t be able to experience a myriad of “firsts.” Their first time to experience the outside world, their first time to sleep through the night, their first foods, the first time they sit up, their first steps, which will inevitably be followed by their first scraped knee. That poor sweet baby.

Grief for the mom that feels so scared, alone, in danger, uncertain of her own future. I feel grief for that mom that made the decision to terminate her pregnancy. As someone who is a mom, I know the feelings of desperation, fear and impending danger that it takes to hold a baby in your body to term. For that reason I can’t imagine the amount of grief that would come after making the decision to terminate the precious gift of life.

Amidst all of this grief and admittedly, asking God why He would allow such evil things to happen, I felt something else.

Hope. Hope for the lost and lonely world, that through the courage of myself and my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, we would share with them the hope that Jesus Christ offers through a relationship with Him.

Hope. Hope that after they know about the grace, forgiveness and redemption of Jesus Christ that they would find peace and refuge under His protective and loving arms.

Hope. Hope that the future of our country doesn’t rest in the hands of any one lawmaker, or in the courtroom of any one courthouse, but that the Omnipotent God of the universe is in control.

Peace. Peace that the little ones who suffered at the hands of our sinful world are now in heaven and out of harm’s way. Peace that one day they might be reunited with their earthly parents and live eternally in heaven, where there is no more pain, disease or fear.

I encourage you, before you hand out judgement about abortion, consider that most women who have an abortion don’t do so joyfully. Meet them at the feet of Jesus with grace, peace, comfort and love.

Join me friends, on Wed., Feb. 6 at the Oklahoma State Capitol for the 28th Annual Rose Day Pro-life Rally. Come with red roses to hand out to your representatives as they are the ones who speak to the pro-life issue in our state. Take action. For more information about Rose Day, visit