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We live in a culture where being right, having the last word or even making someone else look ignorant are really important things.

I write this blog as much to myself as I write it to you. I can’t say being right hasn’t ever been important to me; that would be a lie. I’ve also been one to have the last word, maybe even tried to make someone else look ignorant. But where do these things get us?

Do they fulfill us? Do they make us lay down at night with zero regrets and rest peacefully? Do they gain us more friends or give us positive experiences to look back on fondly?

Have you said things that you’re proud of? Or called names that edify your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ? Have you/we furthered the Kingdom by being right?

This is where we, as the church, must be different. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. He takes joy when his schemes cause division among the body of Christ.

There are currently many issues locally, statewide and nationwide of which we could each choose to become hostile and say hurtful things to those who oppose us. But at what cost?

The Church has enough obstacles hurled our way by the world, why would we, as members of the church not do our best to uplift each other as we accomplish our main goal, making God’s name known.

Did you catch that? We are supposed to make God’s name known, not our own. That directly contradicts cultural trends that tells us to do whatever we can for the most likes, retweets or even your 15 minutes of fame for going viral.

When the time comes for Jesus to return, what will you hope to tell Him about your time here on earth?

“But Jesus, I had a really great twitter following.”

“But Jesus, I had the last word in every argument.”

“But Jesus, my ‘one liners’ were on point, every time!”

No, these “victories” are fleeting, as are most worldly accomplishments, except for one.

One thing that will warrant Jesus’ response of “Well done my good and faithful servant,” is the people that came to know Him, through our guiding.

No other earthly accomplishment can add up our completing the task of taking His name to the ends of the earth, so that every person might be able to experience His love, mercy, forgiveness, redemption, kindness and healing.

It comes down a decision. You can choose to be right, choose to be heard or seen; or you can choose the path that is less traveled, and that’s the path that ultimately leads to Jesus. Who will you take with you?