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Loving this weather! I hope you are too!

Here’s my thoughts on some interesting topics that have been shared this week. Thanks for reading!

1. Mohler on Clarence Thomas

It is no secret that I enjoy listening to Albert Mohler’s The Briefing. I think it is one of the best regular Christian commentaries on world news. Mohler gave an excellent report in Thursday’s Briefing on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, after an article was published criticizing Thomas’ conservative approach to presiding on the bench.

This is great narrative that Mohler offers because he points out historic, trivial and Christian worldview elements about Thomas, who is a fascinating figure in the highest court in the land.

You should listen or read Mohler’s dialogue entirely, but here’s a great passage:

“One of the issues for us to understand is that there’s a parallelism between liberal interpretations of the Constitution and liberal interpretations of scripture. It’s not by accident. There’s a parallelism between conservative interpretations of scripture and conservative readings of the United States Constitution. Justice Thomas is really hated by the left because he is perhaps the most consistent conservative interpreter of the Constitution currently serving on the United States Supreme Court.”

There’s more to this, and I love it all. Check it out for yourself.

2. Liberty “most hated”

It was brought to my attention that the two “most hated” teams in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament are Liberty University and Abilene Christian University, according to a group called “Deadspin.” I am not going to share the link to the article I read because of the profanity spewed.

This has much to do with the ridiculous perspective on the two schools observing conservative Christian standards, specifically on the belief that sex should be observed in a biblical marriage relationship. From this, Deadspin and other political groups interpret this standard as being against LGBTQ views.

Abilene Christian was defeated in the first round against Kentucky. Liberty faces Mississippi State this evening. Liberty also is my alma mater. I don’t expect them to go far, but wouldn’t it be fascinating if the Flames found some success just to see what kind of reaction groups like Deadspin would have.

3. San Antonio against Chick Fil A

Speaking of more “hate,” the city council of San Antonio is stirring up hate against Chick Fil A, because the fast food chain made donations to groups like Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Salvation Army, claiming these organizations are “against the LGBTQ community.”

David French believe Chick Fil A has a powerful case against San Antonio.

“San Antonio is defying the law,” French wrote, “it’s further polarizing our country, and it’s telling the Christian citizens and Christian ministries in its own city limits that their beliefs are so repugnant that the government should punish even private organizations who support their work.”

Here’s why French thinks Chick Fil A will win big if they decide to sue:

“Simply put, the government may not condition the ability to operate a business on the government’s distaste for the religious or political donations of its owners.”

4. A modern take on church discipline

Church discipline, as prescribed in Matthew 18, can be difficult to administer in today’s world. I have been a part of churches that attempted to follow Matthew 18 with good intentions, but the end result made situations even messier with greater (more public) divisions, as well as wrong conclusions.

I share this not to say Matthew 18 is not applicable for the church today. It most certainly is! But prayerful, humble discernment by church leaders is a requirement, along with pure hearts, thorough planning and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

This does not directly relate to Jen Oshman’s blog that I’m sharing, but after reading her piece on the correct application of Matthew 18, it made me realize how many misapply Jesus’ teaching of church discipline. Oshman gives a great response to those who have criticized her book reviews.

5. The church that has rockers

My co-worker Emily Howsden made some serious social media noise with her article on Skiatook, First adding rockers in the church’s sanctuary. This innovative move allows mothers with newborns to attend regular worship services.

The article was a major hit as it was shared 75 times on Facebook and reached than 12,000 people.

6. LifeWay is leaving

Major news also came this week as LifeWay Christian Resouces decided to close all of its regular stores and go completely online. Obviously, this is due to declining sales, as online shopping is becoming more popular.

I am disappointed with this decision, though I do understand.