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So much is happening right now that it’s hard to sit down and write an elaborate DHD. A day will come soon when I can share extensive thoughts. But, just like last week, think about these comments that I found interesting from articles I read this week.

1.  “We have to be more for justice than the fallen world because justice comes from God. What we have to make sure, first and foremost, is that the Gospel is clear”—Al Mohler

2. “Activities like giving birth and nursing are creational, not social. Reproduction is basic to how God designed us. People are male or female in every cell of the body, in both nerves and hormones—not in the reproductive organs alone”—Dan Doriani

3. “From personal experience, there are times when black people and white people get to joking. It can be good-natured to start. Then, there’s a very fine line, a breaking point you could call it, where something is said that strikes a nerve. As a black person, you don’t know if it was intentional, sheer ignorance, or what, but it’s 100-percent uncomfortable and digs at the core of your humanity. Suddenly, you don’t feel like joking anymore. Even if I haven’t reacted like (Russell) Westbrook did, I’ve felt the emotion of Westbrook and wanted to react. It’s a unique, painful, frustrating feeling”—Erik Horne, Oklahoman Thunder beat writer about Westbrook’s confrontation with a fan when the Thunder played at Utah this week.

4. “As cohabiting becomes more commonplace in our society, the lines between getting married and just moving in together can begin to blur, making it harder for young people to recognize what is so special about the marriage vow. But despite prevailing myths about cohabitation being similar to marriage, when it comes to the relationship quality measures that count—like commitment, satisfaction, and stability—research continues to show that marriage is still the best choice for a strong and stable union”—Bradford Wilcox

5. “Treating Genesis as if it were a purely human document leads to distortions because Genesis claims to give an account of very early events, including the creation of the world before any human beings existed”—Vern Poythress

6. “(St. Patrick) was motivated to be sure, though not by greed… Patrick’s motives were pure and exemplary of what should animate missionary passion even today”—Andrew Ballitch