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I’m tired. Karen decided we needed a new bedroom furniture set, which was delivered this morning. The problem is, we live among a bunch of clutter, so the clutter had to be relocated in order to make room for the new furniture.

The new bedframe with tall headboard, new dresser and two bedside tables look really nice. Karen’s excited because, as she declared, it’s the biggest addition for the house we have purchased since we’ve been married.

I’m whooped from all the rearranging. Olive is worn out too, from stressing over her confusion of what we were doing.

But I have just enough energy to offer thoughts on six timely topics. Thanks for reading!

1. Smith’s series on ‘Transgender Moment’

WordSlingers’ blogger Ryan Smith is offering a three-part series on “The Church and the Transgender Moment.” Part two was published on the website yesterday, and I think Ryan’s commentary is excellent and helpful.

He reminded me of a piece I wrote almost five years ago, after I attended a conference focused on the Gospel and issues of sexuality. I mentioned in that blog how the church is not prepared for major social changes, especially ones relating to LGBTQ issues. Looking back then and comparing to now, local churches today may be more aware, but I am curious from a national perspective how well churches are ministering.

Ryan’s part-two piece is relevant to this, and I especially appreciate how he shares the gender issue is not all that new for the Christian church.

2. Modern-day take on a N.T. parable

Some of my favorite blogs are of those who share how Bible passages are relevant. Peter Gurry discusses an interesting question on Jesus’ story on The Rich Man and Lazarus. He asks whether or not the teaching illustration is a parable (fictional) or an actual occurrence.

I remember being taught in my younger years that since there was a specific name, Lazarus, mentioned, it was to be concluded as a real event.

I appreciate Gurry’s diagnostic approach in his commentary and his conclusion:

“Bank balances aside, none of us is above helping others; we are all beggars helping beggars. When I see the homeless, the helpless or the hurting, I should see myself, because this is what I am like before God.”

3. Wax on Gospel and justice

Another one of my favorite bloggers in Trevin Wax. This week he took on the sensitive issue of how the Gospel should relate to social justice.

Wax’s breakdown of how evangelical Christians seem to think every issue is two-sided. I agree that it is more important to learn from everybody regardless and not think Christians who may differ on an issue are not that far apart.

“My point here is not to offer a middle or a third way on these debates,” Wax wrote, “but to call brothers and sisters who share a common commitment to biblical authority to recognize that they may be closer on the spectrum than they realize. Those who see these debates as two distinct sides would do well to articulate the real dangers of their own side (quietism and social apathy in some circles, and ideological compromise and theological liberalism in others).”

4. Abortion and the movies

Today is the theater debut of the movie Unplanned. Wordslingers entertainment writer Michael Foust offered his review on the movie, and he and others have considered it a “must-see” movie.

Brett McCracken wrote an interesting piece this week on how movies promoting abortion are rather rare, especially compared to the abundance of movies that present a more favorable message regarding the Sanctity of Life.

“There is no way to depict or even suggest abortion on screen without reminding audiences of the ugly, ‘doing harm to another’ violence of the practice,” McCracken wrote.

5. Tramel’s travels

Berry Tramel, Oklahoman sports columnist, likes to offer travel blogs whenever he makes a business trip, covering athletic events. I love reading about Berry’s adventures.

His latest travel blog, about his trip to Columbia, S.C. to cover the OU men’s basketball team in the NCAA tournament, is almost like a modern day version of the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Check it out here.

6. Get paid to watch MCU movies

I like watching the Marvel superhero movies. I especially like how many of them string together almost like a single TV drama. Marvel struck gold with this approach, especially as they are building up their latest film Avengers: Endgame which will be in theaters April 26.

Now a company is offering someone $1,000 to binge watch the 20 movies that relate to the latest Avengers movie. Check out the story here.

Reportedly, it would take 40 hours to watch them all back-to-back. And the company wants the movie fan they pay to also offer social media commentary while they are binge watching.

Do you think you would be up for this offer?