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I’m shaking my head in disbelief as it pained me to even write such a title. No, of course the earth is not flat, but it’s astounding people are even having this conversation.

We can know with certainty that the earth is a sphere. We can see pictures, videos or simply get on an airplane and see that this is true. Yet, in spite of all the evidence, a growing number of people are joining the flat earth movement.

I met a “flat earther” not too long ago. It was an interesting conversation to say the least. He also claimed to be a Christian, and since he said he was a brother in Christ, I decided to speak frankly to him about this subject.

I suggested that such a silly belief would discount his testimony to the average person. This is especially true since he attempted to use the Bible to justify his flat earth belief. If someone told you the earth was flat, and then started to tell you about Jesus coming back from the dead, you might be likely to discount both ideas.

People can strongly believe things that are totally incorrect. Which is why Scripture tells us that we should always be ready to give a logical defense for the hope we have in Christ (1 Peter 3:15).

When we hear about people who believe the earth is flat, we should not be afraid to ask ourselves the question, “Do I have any incorrect beliefs that I strongly hold to?” You may not be a “flat earther” but it’s healthy to question strongly-held beliefs to see if they have merit or not.

When I was a struggling young Christian, I had big questions that would only get small answers. I wanted to know if any of this could be real, and for the most part I got the same answer. People would tell me that it was all just a matter of faith. Sometimes, this is a good answer, but sometimes it’s a way to avoid thinking deeper about a subject.

If someone is trying to find a foundation for their faith then just telling them to have faith might not be that helpful—especially since the evidence for Christianity is so rich and interesting to dive into.

Scripture tells us to always be ready to have an answer. It’s time for Christians, as a whole, to leave the intellectual ghetto and to think a little deeper. Far too often, we reserve questions on deep issues to scholars and pastors, but they are for all of us. If I am capable of thinking about these things then so are you.

The more I have chased my deepest questions, the more my love for God has grown. We live in a world that is desperately looking for answers, and we should elevate the levels of dialogue we have by others.

Delving deeper into why you believe what you believe is simple. It starts with doing two things. First, we read Scripture, and then we ask questions about what we just read. Too few Christians do the first step, and even fewer do the second. The more questions you ask the more you will grow.