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Each year, out of the dark, cold and sunless winter, Spring “springs” forth with new life and a breath of fresh air as everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Winter is over, and Spring is here.

With Springtime, new life bursts forth almost everywhere we look: wildflowers in fields on the side of the highway, vegetables in gardens and baby animals everywhere.

Most recently, my family has experienced new life this springtime in the way of two sweet nieces, Gentry Francis and Lucy Jane! Gentry was born in January, still winter but spring was coming soon. Lucy was born this past weekend, and because of the miles that separate us, both babies were/will be two weeks old before I met/will meet them (I met Gentry at two weeks and will meet Lucy at two weeks).

Babies, in every stage of life are one of God’s most amazing creations. I get weepy thinking about the process of a tiny little egg growing to be a human, and God ordaining every second of each baby’s life from the moment they were conceived.

Maybe you’ve had a baby yourself, or maybe you’re an aunt or uncle, or brother or sister! Whatever your title may be, you have a hand in influencing a new life! Have you stopped to think about the responsibility your new role demands?

My niece Lucy Jane shares my middle name, which is after a great aunt on my dad’s side of the family. So, naturally, I have claimed that she is named after me. Having someone named after you is an honor. It means that someone thought enough of you that they wanted a piece of you in their little human’s life.

Because I share a name with Lucy, I will be there for her in whatever way I can as her aunt, friend and sister in Christ. I feel this same responsibility for all of my nieces and nephews, all 12 of them. Calie, Dillon, Chase, Colt, Roman, Adrian, Charlotte, Theodore, David, Naomi, Gentry and Lucy—each one of them has a special place in Aunt Emmy’s heart, and always will.

There is someone else that symbolizes new life, and who, as believers, we all are named after—Jesus Christ. As Christians, we are “like Christ” and, therefore, bear the responsibility of representing His name and telling the lost world about His new life!

Easter has now come and gone, but it is my favorite holiday. A day that celebrates when death was defeated and new life began—all because Jesus bore our sins on the cross—how can you not get excited?

I hope, as you look around this spring, you take in the new life all around you, whether that be in the form of spending time admiring God’s green earth, or cuddling a new baby, remember the sacrifice that was made for you, and whose name you share.

I can’t wait to tell sweet little Gentry and Lucy all about the God who created and loves them.