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Beautiful weather, at least for the moment. Enjoy it while you can!

Here’s another edition of my thoughts on six timely topics.

1. Cultural cartoons

A Facebook friend shared an article that was released two years ago, but since I never read it previously, it was new to me.

Annie Holmquist wrote “How Classic Cartoons Created a Culturally Literate Generation,” and I couldn’t agree more with her conclusions.

She shared an experience with her father, how she picked up a classic novel and asked him if he ever read it. He had not, but when she started sharing the premise of the story, he already knew many of the plot elements. Though he never read the book, by watching the short film cartoons of his youth, he had an understanding and even an appreciation.

Think about those classic Bugs Bunny and Tom & Jerry cartoons that had plots based upon classical music, opera and even classic literature. Holmquist elaborates more in her article, and then she ends with this commentary:

“…neither schools, nor Saturday morning cartoons seem to be passing on the torch of cultural knowledge and literacy. Could such a scenario be one reason why we see an increased apathy and lack of substance in the current generation?”

Holmquist has a point, and Ryan Smith offers another perspective involving current television programming for children in his blog that was featured this week on

2. More educational thoughts

Another Facebook friend shared an article offering educational tips for children. The article is titled “Let’s Stop Stealing Time From Children,” and it offers some thought-provoking suggestions that encourage children to learn and develop on their own, instead of through controlled, regimented days that involve extensive class time, homework and extracurricular activities during the primary and elementary years.

I welcome feedback.

3. Mohler on SBC Future

Just today, Albert Mohler posted an article titled “The Future of the Southern Baptist Convention: The Numbers Don’t Add Up.”

The SBC will meet in a couple of weeks in Birmingham. Ala. for the convention’s annual meeting. Many of the conclusions Mohler offered in his article will surely be among the major talking points in Birmingham.

One of his conclusions involves how families and especially children and students are no longer as active in church activities. He references a researcher who found out that one of the distinguishing marks of a young person continuing to be involved in church as an adult is having a trusting relationship or a mentoring experience with at least one adult in church, outside the parents.

“How many young people in middle school, high school or college have that experience today?” Mohler wrote, regarding children having church mentors and being involved in church activities. “For many children growing up with Christian parents, the priority of the family is told otherwise. Many Christian parents have bought into the larger culture’s portrait of the good childhood, complete with incessant sports activities, violin and ballet lessons, and activities perceived to boost a child’s eventual college admissions application. When it comes to church activities with children and teenagers, the scariest words might well be ‘traveling team.’ Priorities become clear, both on the part of the church and of parents. Parents can hardly claim shock when their kids grow up and leave what they have never really known. At that point, the opportunity is lost.”

4. More from Mohler

Dr. Mohler had great commentaries this week on his daily podcast The Briefing. He was a great help for me in understanding what happened in Israel involving the recent elections. I feel sad that Benjamin Netanyahu is no longer in office. He has been one of the world’s greatest political leaders in my lifetime.

Mohler also gave great analysis on the movie companies and their response to Georgia’s potential abortion ban law. He discussed it on Thursday and Friday, and it is a great perspective.

Do yourself a favor and at least read the transcripts from the last few days of The Briefing.

5. Oklahoma Disaster Relief

This week had its full of weather warnings. In fact, it was an overload of watching weather analysts and stormchasers almost every night.

Oklahoma was affected quite a bit this week with tornadic activity and flooding. But what this also means is it’s a time for Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief to serve. Many trained and equipped volunteers were sent out to help those affected by the storms. Read more here.

If you or someone you know has property that has been affected by the weather, visit and click on the “Request Assistance” link to receive service from Disaster Relief.  

6. Chris Rice appearance

Finally, I share an article of a Christian music artist who has disappeared in the last decade or so.

Chris Rice is not that well known, but you may be familiar with his song titled “Untitled Hymn” but known as “Come to Jesus.” He also has some unique songs like “The Cartoon Song” and “Smell the Color 9.”

If you are familiar with Rice and his music, you might enjoy reading this Billboard article about Rice coming back on the scene (sort of).