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I’ve said a few times in the past months how I do appreciate you reading my blog. The reason I keep bringing it up is because I REALLY do appreciate it.

For you to take the time to read my ramblings humbles me. It also encourages me to keep doing it, especially when there are times I don’t feel like blogging or struggle to come up with six topics.

But I do have six timely topics to share this week, so here we go!

1. Remembering RHE

Rachel Held Evans (RHE) was a successful writer who had an evangelical upbringing. She understood evangelical Christians, but later in life, she chose to no longer associate with those who had a more conservative view of Scripture.

I have not read much of her writings, but of what I recall reading, I found some to be contrary. I mean, she practically demonized Dave Ramsey. Who writes loathsomely about a man who wants to help people get out of debt?

However, RHE did offer practical guidance. As a millennial, she once wrote that the church should “stop being cool” in order to be more appealing to young adults but rather should be more genuine and make worship more meaningful instead of showy.

RHE died recently at the age of 37. It was reported she had an allergic reaction to medication, which led to placing her into a medically-induced coma, and her condition became worse with severe brain swelling.

I admire people who encourage me in my Christian faith, and I equally admire those who respectfully challenge my faith. I believe RHE had a good heart and sought after the things of God.

One of the best articles of reflection is by Ed Stetzer whom I always appreciate giving an excellent perspective. He attributed Rachel well.

2. Burk on women preaching

Denny Burk took on a lightning rod issue this week, heading into Mother’s Day weekend. His article “Should churches allow women to preach to men?” is an objective read, and I recommend it.

Women in church leadership is always a tough issue to communicate properly. Good people have differing views about how and when women should be involved in leadership. I am probably to the left of some and to the right of a few more when it comes to church leadership roles and women.

In Burk’s article, he offers a great analysis of teaching roles in the church and a solid explanation of why senior pastors and preachers in “gathered assembly” are roles reserved for men. I especially appreciate Burk disqualifying a certain perspective of why women cannot be pastors. The line of reasoning is that women are not “up to snuff intellectually.” This is foolish thinking.

3. Lying about singleness

I got married later than when most couples get married. I was 38, and it wasn’t too long prior that I thought I would be single for life—and was content.

However, things changed after I met Karen, and we decided to do life together as a married couple. This month, she and I will celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary.

I enjoy spending my life with Karen. My days have been joyful, and I can’t imagine what my life would be like without her.

But I also understand what unmarried adults experience, especially those involved in church life, and there are misnomers people have about Christians who are involved in singleness.

I enjoyed reading Elizabeth Wilson’s article “4 Popular Lies About Singleness.” She nails it about what people get wrong about Christians who are single.

“The truth is, not all godly people get married,” Wilson wrote. “We need to embrace this, preach this and celebrate this! God’s best for many will include a life without a spouse and biological children. These people will know Him more deeply, serve Him more powerfully, and experience greater joy than they could as a married person. Not because singleness is better, but because marriage wasn’t part of God’s perfect will for their life.”

4. Mutt’s Christian business model

A friend on Facebook shared a post from the owner of Mutt’s Amazing Hot Dogs. It’s long but worth reading. I’ll keep commentary short, and let you appreciate what Mutt’s owner shared:

So….we have been getting some complaints about the condition of our building. Despite of the condition our motto is “we are not the newest building on 23rd but we are the most clean and orderly”. 
We strive towards this because in all honesty we are at the mercy of the building owner; we just can’t get anything done, for months! Being transparent here, I’m running out of options and patience. Ok ok ok, enough venting….just being real. 

The building is showing its age yes. Yet, its iconic to Route 66, NW23RD and OKC. I see the beauty in this unique building and the amazing loving people that come to it and invite me or my staff to sit at their table. 

For example: We had a gentleman who was raised in our neighborhood and told me that he remembers that the original concept was a Dairy Queen waaaaaay back in the day. He said he was just a kid when it opened and that he celebrated one of his birthdays…

Later that week we had a group from Canada stoped in and said they were at Mutts because of the retro sign, building and our fries that were rated 2nd place! So far I have met tourist from Australia, Sweden, Germany, bikers from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico to mention a few and not a single one complained about anything especially not the building. In fact many take pictures of the building and selfies… hum leaves me scratching my head. 

Just this February we had a gentleman that was plain down on his luck and life. I fed him a nice warm Boardwalk and fed him spiritually. We talked about God and his walk, he cried as we held hands and prayed… I thought I would never see this guy again. Today he came back in; after speaking with him, he graciously thanked me for lending an ear and feeding him spiritually. He was smiling from ear to ear and brought his twin brother in for me to meet him. 

The staff in this building… let me tell you they are all amazing. We have disabled veterans and families members of disabled veterans. We have some that have been homeless and now thriving. Some that were victims of human trafficking and now have a future to look up to, and we have had others that were never adopted and aged out of the state’s care system, now successful community contributors. We have become the Mutts family, we argue and quickly forgive. We lend a hand towards each other when in need. We celebrate victories as a team and grow as we welcomed one Mutts baby into our family. 

To some this is just an old building which may dislike it. I extended my sincere apologies. We are doing everything within our power for a face lift. We ask you to please be patient and NOT slam us all over social media. We are more than aware.

For those who appreciate it, thank you for making us and our visitors feel right at home. Your continued loving support matters! 

God bless. 

Omar and the Mutts family

5. Advice for graduates

If you’re still reading, bless you! I don’t have much more to share. Since it’s graduation time, I thought I would mention the DHD I wrote four years ago, offering advice to high school and college graduates. You can read it here.

6. Going to Pittsburgh

DHD will be taking a week off, as Karen and I will be on vacation May 11-18. We are heading to Pittsburgh and also spending time in West Virginia with a longtime friend. Look for another DHD the following week!