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I’m back from a week off for vacation. Karen and I enjoy spending time in Pittsburgh and in Morgantown, W.Va. and visiting with a longtime friend.

While I was enjoying my time back east, I got to watch a video that greatly impressed me. Kirsten Watson gives an excellent presentation involving the Sanctity of Life. I was so impressed by this video that I’ve now watched it multiple times and have shared it with friends.

The video is provided by Live Action and is part of a video series called “Pro-Life Replies.”

Watson is the wife of NFL player Benjamin Watson who has been quite vocal in supporting the Sanctity of Life. Benjamin has spoken at pro-life rallies, and the couple have made donations to pregnancy resource centers.

With this video, though, I think Kirsten has outshined her husband. For this week’s DHD, I give six reasons why I like Kirsten’s video. First, here’s the video for your viewing:

1. Appeals to different dynamics

Kirsten is an African American woman who is pregnant with twin boys. There’s a lot of appealing aspects in that sentence.

I’m sure I don’t have to elaborate, but Kirsten can reach so many people having these descriptions. She comes across relatable, kind, compassionate, not condescending and not disparaging.

I truly appreciate her willingness and her boldness in doing this video.

2. Explaining different bodies

The graphics showing as she talks about having three hearts, three brains, 30 fingers and being mostly male is clear and hard to argue. It is evident a child in utero is not part of the woman’s body.

3. Discussing rights

“Women and their bodies must be respected,” she said. “Bodily rights are especially important when a woman is pregnant because there is more than one body involved.”

“A right isn’t a right if I only apply to me”—I got chills when I heard Kirsten say this.

And then she gives the example of how even the most ardent abortion supporters are against a pregnant woman smoking. This is also hard to argue.

4. Natural and legal obligations

Kirsten also makes the argument of the obligations that parents have.

“Parents have a natural obligation to support their children that our legal system recognizes,” she said. “If they cannot care for a child, a mother or father is not allowed to end the child’s life.”

Again, it’s just a matter of time and geography with abortion supporters, but they still cannot deny the issue of the baby’s life.

5. Message to men

This was my favorite point she makes. I never thought about the perspective of what “my body, my choice” says to men.

“Her body, her choice” = her problem.

Bravo, Kirsten! If this doesn’t resonate with women with her basically calling out deadbeat dads, I don’t know what will.

6. Message of supporting dependencies

“An infant once born is still completely dependent on the bodies of others for survival, but no one thinks an infant lacks the right to life.” 

And I love her point of how dependency enriches humanity.

I hope you agree with me on how this video magnificently supports the Sanctify of Life and squelches many pro-abortion arguments.

And I hope you are like me and have become a fan of Kirsten Watson.