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What does a dad look like to you? To me, a dad is someone I can always trust, depend upon in good and bad times, someone who cares for me/their children more than themselves, would do anything to help someone… the list goes on.

This idea of a dad was modeled for me best in my own dad. My dad is the kind of guy who would give you the shirt off of his own back. He is the hardest working and most honest person I know. He is also goofy! When it comes to making anyone laugh, he has no shame!

My dad is also my, and all five of my siblings’, biggest fan. No matter the activity, he is guaranteed to be there, and will absolutely tell everyone near him that he is our Dad. He is proud of us.

Thankfully, I can say these same things about my husband, who is daddy to our little Silas. From the get-go, Casey said he was going to be intentional about spending time with and nurturing his relationship with our son. And he has done just that, as Silas approaches his first birthday.

No task is beneath Casey, no diaper outside of his wheelhouse. He takes joy in nurturing and caring for our son. Every morning Casey gets Silas ready to go to his babysitter, drops him off and picks him up, due to our work schedules. Lately, he has said, “Getting Silas ready in the mornings has turned into quite the adventure.” And he’s not wrong. The little guy is busy!

One thing is sure about the love of a Dad, and the love that I see the Dads in my life exhibit: Nothing their children could ever do would stop them from loving them.

Their love as a Dad is unconditional. Children will disappoint Dads; it’s inevitable. But what doesn’t change is how they love them.

This type of Dad/child relationship is best modeled in the relationship we have as children of God. Nothing we could ever do would change his love for us. It is unfailing, never ceasing, and steadfast.  

Have you ever done anything that makes you think, “Surely this time I’ve messed up so badly, He can’t forgive me, He won’t love me anymore”?

I’m here to tell you that I’ve thought that at times, but we have a good, gracious and loving heavenly Father. We are His children, whom He sent His only Son to die on the cross for our sins. He made that big of a sacrifice, so that we could be joined up in heaven with Him one day.

Nothing you or I do can change His steadfast love. Surely, we will all do things that disappoint Him. We have to humble ourselves about our shortcomings, and admit to Him our sins, turn from evil and hide His Word in our heart.

When we do those things, we will run a race that our Father in Heaven can proudly proclaim, that’s my son, that’s my daughter, in them I am well pleased.