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For this week’s DHD, I’m sharing memories about my mother. Hester Doyle died on Labor Day, and it’s been a heavy week. I have great memories of my mom and decided to share six of them with you.

1. Mom’s encounter with Elvis

This is one of the funniest stories Mom told me. She used to work for a bank in Memphis, and it was the bank that had Elvis Presley’s financial accounts. She actually saw Elvis frequently coming to the bank. One time, she said she could see Elvis’ car outside her office window. The funny part happened after Elvis would come inside the bank.  According to Mom, she could see girls swarm Elvis’ car. They were so ecstatic and giddy, and many would brush their skirts up against the car just to get some of the dirt.

2. Growing up playing the piano

I don’t know how old Mom was when she started playing the piano, but from what I recall, her dad had her learn when she was young. The reason he did this was he needed an accompanist. My grandfather was known across the southeast Missouri region as a song leader. He not only led services at his church, but at many others, especially if any church was holding a revival. Mom was always there with him to play the piano.

3. Skipping church wasn’t an option

Speaking of church, we were a family who went every time the church doors were open, and Mom insisted we do so. I remember a time our church had a revival in the fall. Revivals went a whole week and even beyond during these years. On the Saturday during the revival, I went that day with a high school friend to an OU football game, and I remember being tired when I came home.

Mom didn’t care how tired I was. “You’re not going to miss a church service after going to a football game!” she told me. No matter how I felt, I still went to the revival meeting that night.

4. Mom the proofreader and grammar expert

People get on to me about my fascination with grammar. This is definitely something I inherited from my mother. There were many times, even in my current profession as a newspaper editor, that I would call her to ask a grammar question.

Also, it always seemed when we went to an event that had a published program, she always would find an error. My one regret I had this week after writing her obituary is she wasn’t able to proofread it.

5. Mom’s 80th birthday

One of the greatest times we had with my mom in her final years was at her 80th birthday party. Many extended family and longtime church friends were able to attend. I cherish this day.

6. Remember Heb. 13:7

Heb. 13:7 says “Remember your leaders who have spoken God’s word to you. As you carefully observe the outcome of their lives, imitate their faith.”

I have many “leaders” or Christian mentors in my life, and my mother is one of them. She instilled in me how important church attendance was, and through this, I encountered great times of worship and Bible study and a love for fellowship of Christian believers.

God blessed me with a great mom. She was my hero. I look forward to celebrating her life on Sept. 9 at Quail Springs Baptist Church.